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Proven Innocent is an American legal drama television series created by David Elliot following the employees of a wrongful conviction law firm(Wikipedia).

This review contains spoilers, if you haven’t seen the episode “Living and Dying in East Cleveland” please do not continue reading.

In the episode “Living and Dying in East Cleveland,” Madeline Scott (Rachelle Lefevre) and the Injustice Defense Group continue their quest to free the wrongly imprisoned and ensure justice is served.

This week the accused is Davon Watkins (Coley Speaks), a drug dealer and death row inmate in Cleveland who is imprisoned for killing an uncover narcotics cop. Madeline is accused by civil rights activist Amina Jackson (JoNell Kennedy) of the Injustice Defense Group only taking high profile cases. Insisting that she wants justice for all the wrongly accused regardless of who they are, Madeline takes Davon’s case and travels to Cleveland along with Violet (Nikki M. James).  It was good seeing Violet with Madeline on the front line as they investigated Davon’s case. It seemed that a witness who is a taxi driver who identified the vehicle at the scene as a black Impala. The one thing calling this into question is that the same black Impala was seen by the taxi driver the next day. And if it was the car used in the shooting murder, how could it have been seen after Davon was arrested? The car would have been taken into evidence by the police and would have ended up on an impound lot. We learn that actual murderer is a man named Omar Blackwell (Edwin Lee Gibson) who premeditately committed the crime. As Omar is already serving a life sentence, he agrees to confess to the cop murder but only if Madeline can arrange for him to see his estranged son Omar Jr. (Phillip Johnson Richardson). But before Omar can make his confession in open court, he is shivved and dies. But his signed affidavit enables Madeline to get a stay of execution for Davon with a re-trial in six months. Not a guarantee of acquittal, but it gives Davon and the Injustice Defense Group time.

In other news, Levi (Riley Smith) has to appear in court for his case with Brian Husband (Ben Marten). Angry because he thinks Madeline believes he’s guilty of Rosemary’s murder, Levi fires his sister as his attorney. But Madeline being Madeline and refusing to stand down, shows up in court anyway and joins the defense team. I loved how she ripped into Heather (Caitlin Mehner) during questioning. As I live tweeted the episode for The Nerdy Girl Express, I came across the best tweet from Clare O’ Connor, who plays Young Madeline:

Speaking of Young Madeline, the character was absent from this episode as the flashbacks focused on an older Madeline’s first meeting of Easy (Russell Hornsby).

Gore Bellows (Kelsey Grammer) and Isabel Sanchez (Catherine Lidstone) are plotting to get Levi and Madeline retried fro Rosemary’s murder. To that end, the charges against Levi are bumped down to a misdemeanor. Then, Isabel slyly attends one of Levi’s anger management groups.  I think she plans to befriend him in order to obtain useful information in her (and Bellows) case against the Scotts.

I liked that this episode didn’t actually show the Injustice Defense Group getting Davon off. But they did give him a chance to prove his innocence and reclaim his life. If I have any complaint about Proven Innocent is that Young Madeline’s appearances are reduced to episode cameos and I’d like to see how her time in prison help contribute to the woman she grew up to be. More on that in another article.

On Friday, April 5, 2019 at 9/8c Proven Innocent airs episode eight “The Struggle for Stonewall.”

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