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Proven Innocent is an American legal drama television series created by David Elliot following the employees of a wrongful conviction law firm(Wikipedia).

This review contains spoilers, if you haven’t seen the episode “In Defense of Madeline Scott, Part 1” please do not continue reading.

In the episode “In Defense of Madeline Scott, Part 1,” Can The Injustice Defense Group prove Madeline innocent of the murder of Rosemary Lynch and help DREAMer, Hector Costa, (Josue Aguirre) who was convicted of murder?

It’s up to Easy (Russell Hornsby) who represents both defendants.  Violet (Nikki M. James) thanks all of Madeline’s supporters on her show “Until Proven Innocent” assuring them that they will exonerate Ms. Scott.  Levi (Riley Smith) is missing. Bodie (Vincent Kartheiser) goes to Madeline’s brother’s apartment and from the looks of it, Levi left in a hurry as most of his belongings are still there. His investigation leads him to someone who may be able to connect cult leader Robert Carter a.k.a Ravi to Rosemary’s murder. Another suspect in my opinion is Heather (Caitlin Mehner) who I feel knows more about what happened that night than she’s saying. Heather decides she, Rosemary and the other girls were involved with a cult, chalking up their drinking and hanging out to being in high school.

Easy is able to get bail for Madeline but has three days to prove to the judge the cult connection. Boudreau certainly has his hands full. In addition to Madeline’s case, his case for Hector Costa takes a turn for the worse when ICE agents arrived to deport his client and Easy had to convince the judge not to have Hector’s child deported as well. How could a four year old kid be expected to testimony about immigration policy? It was both ludicrous and unfair Easy argued. In the end he managed to keep both father and child in the US long enough for Hector’s trial. Easy Boudreau, super counsel handling two cases in a single bound!

Wren (Candice Coke) visits Madeline in jail while Maddie awaits arraignment. Although trying to be brave our Ms. Scott showed signs of fear she’d have to call prison her home again. But later she stoically told Team Injustice Defense Group that if she were convicted to focus on proving innocent those more worthy than her.  “Why can’t we do both?” Bodie asked.

Speaking of Bodie, he had to pull “dad duty” for Nikki (Tiffany Dupont) by picking up Nathan (Ricky J. Hawk) at school. He found the boy talking with his druggie mother Daniella Castro (Daniela Colucci). Daniella wanted Bodie to talk with Nikki and convince her sister to let her see her son. Nikki wasn’t happy to learn Bodie “let” Daniela talk with Nathan. “What was I supposed to do, drag him kicking and screaming to the car?” Bodie asked. Nikki reminded that’s what a parent would have done and questioned her decision to allow Bodie to be a part of Nathan’s life. Poor Bodie…he tries to do the right thing but always seems to get blamed by Nikki. Don’t see much of a future for he and Castro.

Back to Madeline’s case. She’s out on $500,000 bond. Bellows offers a deal: She plead guilty, gets twenty years with ten served. No deal. Easy wants a full apology from Gore and Bellows’ resignation. But Bellow announces he has a star witness: Levi. It seems Gore took Madeline’s brother and placed him in protective custody granting Levi full immunity if Levi testified against Madeline.  But will this strategy be Bellows’ undoing?

The trial of Madeline Scott begins in the Season Finale. Will she be proven innocent once and for all?

On Friday, May 10, 2019 at 9/8c Proven Innocent airs the Season Finale episode thirteen “In Defense of Madeline Scott, Part 2.”

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  1. Nathan part the kid, actor, Ricky J Hawk did great on the series hope to see him on screen soon again!


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