3030 @REVRYTV Review from @kleffnotes

3030 is a Revry Original Series that recently released a second season in April of this year. Inspired by 90’s sitcoms like Living Single and Martin, with elements of Seinfeld like humor this series creates a humorous story focused on two platonic lesbians living together in Las Vegas. The first season, which is already available on Revry, focuses on Zola, Serrita Coleman, moving in with her best friend of 20 years, Tyler, B. Danielle Watkins. In this first season both women were coping with lost loves, but in different ways, and in the new season they are getting into some very hilarious in your face moments.

B. Danielle Watkins created, wrote, and stars as Tyler in the series. While she did not grow up in Las Vegas she currently lives there and created her own production company in 2016. She felt inspired to create 3030 because she felt like the current media was lacking in their representation that young black girls could relate to. Beyond that there was also nothing for young lesbians to relate to. When discussing the series she mentions having grown up with Martin and Living Single, which are both noted as comparison points for 3030. This series definitely falls into a realm of media that is remarkably under served. Watkins has opened up a new way for queer women, especially queer women of color, to see themselves on screen.

The first episode of season two has all of the characters at anger management, which sets us off an the most drama filled and ridiculously hilarious introduction I have ever seen. As everyone finally shares why there is so much anger and annoyance rising in the friend group, things take a very Stepford turn. The therapist or facilitator for the intervention they are taking part in tells Tyler to act like these are the old days with Rocky, before any cheating issues arose. This leads to a slew of cooking, singing, and a high fear of poisoned food. While that might not sound like it could be comedic it totally is. The drama is high and with that drama the laughs fit in perfectly. 3030 is a fun watch and you can check out season one now on Revry, that way you’ll definitely be caught up by the time season two drops in June.

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