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On ABC’s General Hospital, Hudson West plays Jake Webber, son of Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst).

But in addition to the daytime television drama General Hospital, Hudson has appeared in numerous prime time television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, American Family and Grace and Frankie. The Daytime Emmy nominated (Outstanding Younger Actor in a Daytime Drama 2018) actor recently competed on Dancing With The Stars: Juniors  performing a memorable superhero inspired Paso Doble.

For his new project, Hudson West plays Logan in the indie film Roads, Trees and Honey Bees about a man who travels cross country to take care of his father who has dementia.  Hudson discussed his role in Roads, Trees and Honey Bees with The Nerdy Girl Express.

What was it about Roads, Trees and Honey Bees that made you want to be a part of this project?  
I wanted to be part of this project because I’ve worked with *Stephanie before and I love working with her. And I read the script and thought it looked like a great movie.
*Interviewer’s Note: Stephanie McBain, Writer and Director of Roads, Trees and Honey Bees
Can you tell us a little about your audition for the movie.  
I actually didn’t have an audition. I was offered the role. *Stephanie and I have worked together before and enjoy working with one another, stayed in contact and this was a good opportunity to work together again.
What similarities do you have with your character Logan?  
Well, I’m in LA a lot and my dad and older brother live in Arizona so I don’t  see him much, kind of like Logan and his dad.  And Logan likes sports and so do I.
Is Logan anything like Jake Webber, the character you play on ABC’s General Hospital?
They both like sports and they have to adapt with the father situation.
How did working on a movie compare with working on a daytime drama?
The difference with being on a daytime drama is it’s a multi camera show so you only have to do one or two takes for each scene.  In the movie, they have one camera so you have to do the scenes many times and from all different angles.
Did any of your co-stars in Roads, Trees and Honey Bees give you any advice that helped your performance? 
All of the other co-stars were so nice to work with it made things easy for everyone so our chemistry helped my performance.
Can you share any memorable moments from the Roads, Trees and Honey Bees set? 
Just getting to meet and  work with all of the great  people associated with this movie.
Why do you think people would want to see Road, Trees and Honey Bees?
Because it’s a very well written movie, it’s good for the entire family and it leaves you with a great feeling after you watch it.  It’s a cute movie.
When you’re not acting, what are hobbies?  
When I’m not acting I like to play sports, Fortnight, drawing , karate, piano and swimming.
What would you like to say to your fans?  
 I want to thank everyone for watching my shows.  I hope I do a good job for everyone, I love you and wouldn’t be where I am without you and your support.
With Franco (Roger Howarth) and Elizabeth’s upcoming wedding ceremony celebration, General Hospital fans can look forward to seeing Hudson again as Jake on GH in the coming weeks.
Hudson is a very talented actor with the promise of a great career. The Nerdy Girl Express wishes him much happiness and continued success in his career.
Roads, Trees and Honey Bees is available on Amazon Prime, You Tube, Google Play and Vudu.  It’s a great movie the whole family can enjoy.
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