The Fabulous TT’s Valley of the Kings Music Review: An Epic and Soothing Sound Treat via @stacyamiller85 @TheFabTT @TishTindall

Tish Tindall (known as The Fabulous TT) is a Scottish composer that has made a name for herself in musical theater. Tindall was born in Glasgow and grew up in Aberdeenshire. The Scottish performer has a array of talent in variety of musical instruments and is accomplished on piano, cello, guitar and percussion as well as vocals. She is comfortable on stage and has a commanding presence. Along with Diane Aspinall, Tish co-founded the Scottish Performing Arts College and Theatre School Lossie Entertainment Academy, which helps to teach the next generation of musicians.

Tish Tindall celebrated a milestone birthday on June 9, 2019 with the release of “You’re in My Head” from the album Piano Fifty.

Photos Courtesy of The Fabulous TT

On July 1, 2019, The Fabulous TT’s latest single “Valley of the Kings” also from Piano Fifty was released. The music is already being praised by industry peers such as Supernatural’s Ruth Connell (Rowena).

I recently had the privilege of listening to “Valley of the Kings.” As a fan of Scottish composers Duncan Johnstone and Morris Pert, I jumped at the chance to review the Fabulous TT’s newest single. After hearing the haunting music, I can say I wasn’t disappointed. It was a well balance of piano forte and mezzo forte, rising and falling in all the appropriate spots escalating into a crescendo that will leave you spellbound. The beauty of Tish at the piano is the merging of person and instrument…it’s like they become one. This is a testament to her incredible talent and rhythmic precision. The melody was a pleasure to my ears and if they could speak, they’d surely thank me for an epic and soothing sound treat.

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