Sons of Chaos Comic Review from @kleffnotes

The lavishly illustrated over-sized graphic novel, Sons of Chaos, provides a powerful experience for readers taking them back to the shores of the Mediterranean in 1821 when a bloody revolution pushed to remove the Ottoman rulers out of power. Written by Chris Jaymes and illustrated by Ale Aragon focuses on the real life story of the Greek War of Independence. Marcos Botsaris escaped captivity, fell in love, and fiercely led Greece to revolution that shattered the Ottoman Empire and shaped Western civilization as we know it today. IDW Publishing has brought this to life in connection to the 200th anniversary of these events and allows readers to become part of the story through this book.

The Greek War of Independence was a war that had participants ranging from the London Stock Exchange to celebrities such as Lord Byron. It even had Americans willing to transport themselves into the fray. This is the pinnacle of what was known as the Romantic Period, but it is a war that few people today knew existed outside of the Greek and Turkish cultures that were directly involved. The son of a Greek Leader, Marcos Botsaris, was captured as a child and raised in the dungeons of the Ottoman Pasha. Ten years later in 1821 he finds his way back to Greece and leads his people to fight for their freedom.

I will note that as an oversized graphic novel, you will want to keep this book at home or in a location where you can spread it out fully to read. This is not something you can really read on public transit or while you are traveling. Outside of that the size is actually a remarkable way to see this story. By spreading everything out the art is able to be fully immersive and take over your vision. You will become fixated by the journey of our hero and won’t want to pull your eyes away from this book. We see horrors hidden beneath the opulence of the Ottoman Empire and when Marcos finds someone to love and connect with the story pushes forward. Outside of his story their are powerful women who supported him, including his own mother, who gave her life to protect him. This is a great read for those who enjoy historical fiction and books 300 by Frank Miller or films like Spartacus. You can find out more about Sons of Chaos and get your own copy today through the IDW website.

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