Enthusiastic Sinners via @erinwise82

Step into the world of lust with Christopher Heard and Maggie Alexander.

Let me first say right off the bat, if you’re opposed to male and female nudity and sexual scenarios, yes showing quite a lot, then this definitely isn’t going to be your cup of tea.

Now if you don’t mind all lustful nature then perhaps I might turn you onto a movie you’ll enjoy.

When answering a call of reported gunshots, a cop named Bruce meets Shelby. After determining it was a false alarm they find themselves overcome with lust. These two spend hours upon hours talking and engaging in sexual relations.

The leads were fantastic together, the chemistry they had made the story believable. However, this movie being so long kind of made it a little weird. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sex has much as the next person, but watching an hour and 25 minutes of talking and sex…even with a good plot is overwhelming.

Now on a final note, I am not down with cheating no matter how unhappily married you are. You have a choice to be in a marriage or not. That is one part of this movie that I did not like at all.

If you’d like to watch this movie, you can find it on iTunes.


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