Lamp to My Feet Book Review from @kleffnotes

Lamp to My Feet is the third book in the Ordinary Man trilogy by Frances Smith. This religiously inspired series has previously focused on Mark Smith, who by this third book has run successful ministries in Alaska and Tennessee. While he is still part of this book, Smith brings in Fran Chapman, a woman who is starting a journey of her own that will intersect with Mark’s.

Smith’s series focuses on trusting God and taking the next step in life based on faith. After Mark’s successful work he has made some decisions that do not fit within God’s plan and he is now seeing the consequences of the path he has placed himself on. Fran’s journey, which has been noted as connecting with Mark’s, begins with her having to contend with two very diverse elements. Her life is full of love from her mother, but there is tremendous pain connected to having a terminally ill father. She is trying to find her way and as she works through these elements of highs and lows she will find herself eventually connecting with Mark. The story that evolves, as all of the previous books, is tremendously influenced by the real life experiences of Frances Smith and her husband.

The story of Lamp to My Feet shows the lives of Mark and Fran prior to their meeting and their own journeys. Mark is trying to find the woman he will be with forever, after a first marriage that did not last. He has connected with someone, but there are still issues that seem to simmer below the surface. Fran marries and she and her husband find themselves contending with unexpected worries when they become pregnant. Each other these elements shows the full lives that were being lived prior to our two primary characters meeting. When they do meet Fran and Mark become a couple that loves each other truly and deeply, but the story does become tinged with sadness as Mark struggles with tremendous pain. Smith has taken her life and opened it up to readers to allow them to understand and see how their life paths may change and shift. She does though throughout insist that God is there and helping us along our paths. This is a powerful read that shares so much. For those who enjoy works inspired by religion this is something that you will be able to connect with easily. Find out more about the series and this specific book on Frances Smith’s official website.

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