Shadow of the Hook Book Review from @kleffnotes

Set in Erik Schubach’s Urban Fairytales universe, this new story Shadow of the Hook shows Robyn, known to history as Robin Hood, and her mate Amanda, a werewolf, in the world of Neverland. After being dropped there unexpectedly the two must quickly come to terms with what is going on around them, especially with a full moon high in the sky days before it would be there in their regular world. As with all of the stories in his series what you’ve been told about this magical world is anything, but the truth and Robyn and Amanda will learn the truth and find new allies as the final battle to stop the Elders looms ever closer.

When they meet The Pan, Mandywolf and Robyn learn that the young trickster is far more demonic than the stories have made him out to be. With his own brand of persuasion magic and the ability to harness the imagination of his continuously changing band of Lost Boys, Pan is able to gain power and exert control over Neverland. When both women fall under the sway of Pan and the powers of his boys they find themselves believing they are other people. Robyn becomes trapped in the body of a fairy and Amanda is made young. In these new forms they begin to forget who they are, but when they are on the deck of Captain Hook’s ship they learn the truth, as well as the truth behind what happened to Wendy and Tinkerbell. It turns out that the captain is Wendy and she is biding her time, waiting to take out Pan and save her love, Tinkerbell. The three women will have to work together to destroy the demonic Pan and save those he holds in his sway, but Amanda and Robyn know that this is just one fight before the major battle for all of mankind back in their world.

Schubach, as always, is a delightful storyteller. He is able to shift the world of Neverland and make it into something dangerous, but also beautiful. There are mysterious elements lurking throughout and the idea of being removed from someone’s memory just because you are no longer useful is a terrifying idea. I love his take on Pan in this book and the idea that Captain Hook is not a man seeking some sort of revenge, but rather a woman who has broken free from the world of Lost Boys and stays in the hopes of finding her love. Robyn and Amanda are also a delight to read in this story, especially with Mandywolf having to contend with being in the body of a young child. Robyn might be an inches tall fairy, but a mini werewolf that acts like a rough and tumble soldier is just hilarious. I loved this story and cannot wait to see how everything ties up in the world of Urban Fairytales. You can find Shadow of the Hook on Amazon.

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