Book Review: BEAUTIFUL: Unashamed and Unafraid by @JozanneMarie via @stacyamiller85 #UnashamedandUnafraid #metoo #womensrights

BEAUTIFUL: Unashamed and Unafraid is one woman’s courageous spiritual journey to self-love and healing after a childhood of sexual and physical abuse.

In her book BEAUTIFUL: Unashamed and Unafraid, Jozanne Marie touches on the important topic of sexual and physical abuse. In this age of MeToo, it’s crucial not to be afraid to speak up as your courage can help others do the same and come forward.

This is Jozanne Marie’s story. It’s the story of one woman’s strength to overcome the unthinkable and to not let it define who she is. She is not a victim. She is a woman who sadly has faced what countless other women have gone through or may be currently going through. The perpetrator of this type of abuse is a coward; someone who takes pride in inflicting mental and physical pain on others in order to assert a superiority over them.

In reading her words, I felt Jozanne Marie’s determination shine forth. She doesn’t sugar coat her feelings. But she also doesn’t write as though she wants sympathy for her plight. These things happened to her…she can’t change her past. But she could grow from the horrors she’s faced (which obviously she has) and help others to do the same. I applaud her for this.

I wish we lived in a world where sexual and physical abuse never occur. People often talk about kindness and respect…these aren’t just nice words, should be practiced in our dealings with each other. It is my wish that someday sexual and physical abuse will become a thing of the past. This is probably an unrealistic wish. But if those who suffer this atrocity continue to come forward to guide others to do the same, they are making the statement that they aren’t going to stand for this anymore and will hold the committers accountable.

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