Kappa Force @REVRYTV Review from @kleffnotes

The college experience has been portrayed in hundreds of movies and television shows, but Kappa Force takes the idea of college and gives it a queer and satirical twist. State University seems like the perfect example of an all American campus, but that image is shattered once you learn that The Douche has plans to take down the members of Kappa Force. Yes, the villain’s name is The Douche and he thinks this is a great choice, if that helps you to understand the high levels of campy hilarity that fill this series.

The series introduces you to the characters and the plot in a perfect little episode that shows The Douche revealing his desire to destroy Kappa Force to one of their members, Fire Fox, who has been tied up and is quickly killed when she refuses to give up the names of her sisters. This sets in motion the rest of the series with the Kappas looking for a replacement for their sister and working to recruit at the college fair. The members of Kappa Force are hilarious together and their banter is fantastic. They aren’t the only hilarious part of the show. The titles themselves are things like “Ugh, The Meet Cute” and the twists of standard tropes are well crafted giving with original music inspired by classic teen rom-com soundtracks. These include takes on Justin Bieber, Spice Girls, and Third Eye Blind.

Outside of Kappa Force, the story includes a more typical starting college plot with Jen, a freshman raised by her intensely independent grandmother after the tragic death of her parents in a car accident. This bubbly and bright girl winds up with a goth roommate, Chartreuse, whose parents also died in a tragic car accident, but her best friend Penny is just across the hall. Jen just wants to get with Brock, the president of Sigma, but Luke, the nerdier and more indie guy, is pining for her. Oh also, Luke’s parents also tragically died in a car accident. Everyone has a tragic backstory, well except for Penny, who is really just excited to be here. The entire series had me cracking up from start to finish and even with just eight short episodes there are still twists and surprises. The Douche also gets the benefit of being able to break the fourth wall, which is done exceptionally well in the final episode. Addison Heimann has done a great job of creating an inclusion and hilarious series that I really hope gets more episodes or a second season because I am not ready to be done with any of these characters yet. You can watch Kappa Force on Revry today.

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