Geek-Girl #5 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Ruby Kaye is back! Geek-Girl #5 has been out for a little while and while I have reviewed so much of this series I was a little delayed into getting on this review. Ruby Kaye is a hero who never really planned to be a hero, but she has found herself thrust into the spotlight after winning a pair of power-inducing super-tech glasses. She has fought a number of villains, but in this story she faces one who is far less obvious in his villainy.

After taking down Lightning Storm, Ruby fell into a coma and once she woke up she had hoped she would be able to change her life. Her mantle had been taken over by a friend, but she has been pulled back into the fray. With a crime wave rising after the attack on Maine’s law enforcement, Ruby finds herself meeting with former super-tech weapons dealer Johnny Carlyle. The drama of this book stays high, with a prologue that hints at dark and dangerous workings. Beyond that Ruby is pushed into an unexpected position as the new leader of a new super-team.

I was remarkably excited to see magical elements brought into this story, which I know is odd for a superhero review. While I do love powered people and the heroes and villains in this book are so great, but I have always been a lover of magical elements in stories. The prologue has revealed to us someone who is into some sort of dark elements and it appears that they are far stronger than anyone might have initially expected. We see heroes in danger when someone with mysterious powers appears outside of a plane full of heroes while Geek-Girl is getting used to her new position as a team leader. If you are looking for a fun series this is definitely one that superhero fans will love. Geek-Girl #5 is Out Now, and available at and

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