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I had the chance to chat with Kimberly-Sue Murray about her upcoming role in the Netflix Original series, V Wars. Starring alongside Ian Somerholder, of Vampire Diaries fame, she is part of bringing a world of vampires to life. Thank you to Kimberly-Sue Murray for answering all of my questions about this series as well as some of her other projects, including Shadowhunters.

Could you tell our readers a little about yourself? 
I’m a Canadian actor based in Toronto, but I’m originally from a very small town in Eastern Quebec. I grew up with very few acting opportunities, so after high school I moved to Montreal and attended theatre school. I knew I wanted to work in film/TV and quickly realized that that wasn’t going to happen in Montreal. I left for Toronto where I attended the Canadian Film Centre Actors Conservatory. It’s a wonderful program for emerging Canadian Talent. I hustled, as everyone does in the industry and got my first break when I got cast as the Seelie Queen in Shadowhunters 3B. The show got cancelled, but lucky enough V Wars was just around the corner and here I am!
How would you describe V Wars?
It’s not what one would expect. Yes, there are vampires, but it’s a show that about political and social issues, discrimination and humanity. Basically, for those who haven’t read Jonathan Maberry’s anthology, it’s about a virus that leaks from the glaciers, melting due to climate change, and infects our main character Michael Fayne. Whoever is exposed and has the mutated gene turns into a vampire or what we call Bloods. A war between Bloods and humans is inevitable and Dr. Luther Swann, played by Ian Somerhalder, is caught in the middle of it, desperately searching for a potential cure.
What is your character Danika Dubov’s role in the show?
I play Michael Fayne’s love interest. He’s the reason she turns in the first place. Danika is this power driven, self-centered boss lady. She’s resourceful and smart and doesn’t shy away from turning this horrible situation to her advantage. The downside is that she unintentionally turned her sister Mila, played by Laura Vandervoort, in a vampire and that ignites Mika’s need to seek out justice and revenge.
What were some of your favorite moments to film? 
By far my favourite scene to shoot was the bus scene in episode 5. It was intense! Ian was so supportive and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and thanks to him, I was. Really able to tap into Danika’s animal instincts and sexual nature!!!
Are you typically a fan of vampire related media?
I AM! Totally. Vampires are my favourite mythical creatures. I was a fan of Buffy, the Twilight films and, of course, True Blood. I knew I would one day play a vampire because of my very pale skin hahahaha. Didn’t think I’d was going to happen so quickly!
Did you find any similarities in preparing for this role and you previous role in the fantasy series Shadowhunters? 
Well, for Shadowhunters I allowed myself to live in that fantasy world. My performance was stylized. V Wars, on the other hand, is grounded in reality. I had to come at it from a “this might actually happen to me in real life”. It’s a disease that is spreading at an alarming pace and there’s no cure. You kind of have to surrender and try to survive. The stakes are high, the threat is very real.
Could you discuss your short film She Came Knocking?
It’s a wonderful short film that I co-wrote, produced and starred in. I had wanted to work with my buddy John Ainslie for years and so he and I just got together for coffee and started brainstorming ideas. We made this short about an Uber driver who thinks she witnesses domestic violence and decides to take matters into her own hands when the police refuse to take her claim seriously. It explores our responsibility as a society when it comes to domestic violence. It won Best Short at the Canadian Film Fest and I was awarded the Brian Lineham Actors Award for my work. I’m sure it’s available online somewhere if anyone is interested in viewing it.
Where can our readers keep up with you and V Wars online?
I’m most active on Instagram because of my love for photography. But I love fab engagement on Twitter, so fans can feel free to hit me up with questions and/or comments. Thank you!
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