Rose Society #1 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Rose Society #1 completed a successful Kickstarter and is now being sent out to backers. For those of you who may or may not have backed the comic I am here with a review of this curious comic. If you are a fan of stories that delve into secret societies and mysterious lives this is a series you should keep an eye on.

Childhood friends Adam Martinez and Marcus Veers met in sixth grade, but as they moved into adulthood their friendship slowly fell by the wayside. When Marcus died unexpectedly Adam revisits his past and as old wounds reopen he finds himself discovering new things about his former friend. The truth behind Marcus’ death leads Adam to an underground society that has sinister plans. Is it too late for the uprising to be stopped and just what will Adam learn about his friend in the course of this investigation?

Eddie Klinker’s story of a secret society and a mysterious childhood friend is brought to life through the pencil and ink work of Daimon Hampton and the colors and lettering from Jimmy Greenhalgh. This first issue introduces us to the story of Adam and his quest to understand the life of his former friend Marcus. There are so many twists and turns in this comic and as an introduction to the rest of the story you will find yourself immediately hooked. Nothing is what it seems and Adam is the perfect way to enter this world of mystery. I was shocked by the time I reached the final pages and read through this at a lightning fast pace because I was so curious about what would happen next. You can find out more about the comic on their Kickstarter page and keep an eye out for more The Rose Society.

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