Handmade Puppet Dreams Review from @kleffnotes

Heather Henson, the famed daughter of masterful Muppet and puppet creator Jim Henson, is bringing a new TV series to Amazon that will focus on creative puppet stories. Various forms of storytelling and creative puppetry bring to life a diverse assortment of stories that celebrate different creators from across the country. The series will feature a total of 16 short features, but for this article I will only be highlighting a few of the stories.

The stories included in Handmade Puppet Dreams span a variety of genres and include both child friendly and mature stories. “Narrative of Victor Karloch” is a frightening story that includes the voices of Elijah Wood and Christopher Lloyd. When Victor receives a journal from a colleague he learns of a frightening journey into an abysmal trench that involved frightening deep sea encounters. In “Lessons Learned” Heather Henson joins forces with Toby Froud, who was Baby Toby in Labyrinth, to present a story that feels like an extension of that universe. Grandfather presents The Boy with an intriguing gift that sends him into an otherworldly adventure.

“Melvin the Birder” is a story perfect for all ages with the focus on a man focused on photographing ever woodpecker known to man. He is only missing one bird and his attempts to get the perfect picture lead him to take make some hilarious decisions. For more mature audiences there are two stories that pull from real world events in an eerie way. “The Legend of Rasputin” follows the final days of the mystic and the frustrating attempts by his enemies to remove him. Another tale, “Junk Palace”, showcases the sad story of  the Collyer Brothers. The two hoarders died in their junk filled apartment in the 1940s and were not discovered for months. If you love puppetry and anything Henson related this series is perfect for you. There is something for any audience, especially for adults who grew up with Henson figures throughout pop culture. You can check out the series on Amazon Prime today.

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