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Seal Team’s Winter Premiere titled “Siege Protocol” aired on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 and was a well acted and well written action packed two part episode that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

“Havoc has fallen- Lt. Commander Eric Blackburn (Judd Lormand)”

Those were words Seal Team viewers never thought they’d hear and words that left not only Havoc, but Bravo Team in a precarious situation.

When I read the synopsis of “Siege Protocol,” (“Amid several life-altering moments on the home front, Bravo Team travels overseas to extract a CIA agent who is being held hostage. As the situation escalates, the Tactical Operations Center is compromised and Bravo’s support team comes face-to-face with the enemy.”) I knew the team would face a danger that tested their skill and ability to get out of a tight spot. But this time, Bravo didn’t have the backup of Havoc. Imagine being stranded in unfamiliar territory without your navigation system.

Bravo Team attempting to rescue someone being held hostage is something that happens on Seal Team often. Even pretending to be something they’re not (as they did in “Siege Protocol, Part 1 by disguising themselves as the Venezuelan Special Police) isn’t rare. The challenge the writers must meet is how to make each extraction unique and exciting. Or else viewers will be thinking “Same old, same old” and start flipping changes to find a new show. Havoc Base becoming discovered by the enemy upped the ante for viewers raising the “Oh no” factor to a higher level.

The trio of Amanda Ellis (Jessica Paré), Lt. Commander Eric Blackburn (Judd Lormand) and Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) proved to be a brave force. Watching Paré’s Amanda in “Siege Protocol” had me calling her ‘Action Mandy’ during her scenes. She always had a take charge attitude but took it up a notch. Lormand’s Blackburn reminded viewers that he was a trained military soldier which is easy to forget as he’s usually delegated as “briefing info guy.” And let’s not forget Trucks’ Davis. Lisa risked her life to ensure Havoc’s systems were dismantled so it wouldn’t fall into enemy hands. Afterwards, she experienced a PTSD reaction because she confronted her own mortality. Sonny (AJ Buckley) offered his concern which had me wondering whether a reunion was on the horizon for Savis. And Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) apologized to Lisa for not supporting her during her hearing.

Once again, Clay (Max Thieriot) was injured but not as serious as the last time that saw him benched as part of Bravo Team. When they realized the mission had taken a turn for the worst, Bravo attempted to salvage things as best as they could with Jason (David Boreanaz) vowing he’d get everyone home safely. Mandy blaming herself for the rescue going sour showed the similarity she shares with Jason where they feel everyone’s well being is their responsibility.

The episode wasn’t without its lighter moments. In particular, Jason’s expression when daughter Emma (Kerri Medders) returned home and caught him in a romantic moment with new girl friend Natalie (Emily Swallow).

The ramifications of the failed mission will play into the next episode “Fog of War” airing Wednesday, March 4, 2020.

But if anything proved Seal Team deserved a fourth season”Siege Protocol” did. It was obvious from the response I received from other viewers on this tweet for The Nerdy Girl that they agreed with me:

Seal Team is a powerful hour of television with amazing production values and a high standard of acting and writing. It’s one of those shows that takes viewers of a cinematic experience that is unmatched.

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