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Seal Team’s episode titled “Fog of War” which aired on Wednesday, March 4, 2020 saw the Bravo Team brotherhood tested.

“If I have to leave to preserve Bravo’s dignity then so be it”- Ray (Neil Brown, Jr)

A mission failure had Bravo Team retracing their steps to find out what went wrong and how the hostage they were sent to rescue ended up dead.

I loved this way the Seal Team writers chose to approach the analyzing of the failed mission. As viewers, it was a perfect way for us to see the pieces put together from Bravo’s perspective. Since I am a former paralegal, I’m familiar with witnesses walking us through what happened in a case via their testimony. Going over the facts helps to refresh the incident and sometimes show us something forgotten. For Ray he reached the shocking revelation (though false) that he was responsible concluding his error of tossing in a homewrecker caused the massive explosion.

Bravo Team refused to believe that an experienced officer like Ray could make such a mistake and were determined to protect their brother from confessing to a move that would surely end his career. Sonny (AJ Buckley) attempted to lie to help Ray:

But being the good and noble man he is, Ray was having none of that:

“Brotherhood is also about being truthful with each other”- Ray

If I had to describe Ray Perry in one word that word would be honorable. This is a trait he shares with his Bravo Team members (in particular Jason). And part of the reason for why they take it so personally when things go sideways. Each mission is more than just a job to them…it’s for the good of the country they took an oath to protect.

Jason (David Boreanaz) felt he let Ray down and was hit especially hard by the prospect of losing him as a member Bravo, vowing to do what he could if he were in a position to save Perry’s job.

Recovered video footage revealed the truth: Vic was to blame. Worse still, he was willing to let Ray take the fall. He broke the canal rule of Bravo Team: The brotherhood above all else.

Again, Ray proved he was honorable when he told Vic he forgave him.

Vic offered an apology for his actions and willingness to let Ray go down for something Vic himself did. He admitted he was wrong and wanted another chance. But something was permanently fractured between Vic and Bravo: The trust was broken and could never be repaired. So, Vic was off the team:

Neil Brown, Jr.’s performance in “Fog of War” earned him TV Line’s Performer of the Week:

Performer of the Week: Neil Brown Jr.

I couldn’t agree more. I live tweet Seal Team for The Nerdy Girl Express and have expressed how much I love the character of Ray and Brown’s portrayal:

The cast of Seal Team as well as the series deserve more recognition then it receives. The work is Emmy caliber. Here’s hoping the television industry will take notice and finally give Seal Team and its actors and writers the acknowledgment that is long overdue.

Photos Courtesy of CBS

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