How Media, Entertainment & Technology Is Keeping Us Comforted, Informed & Connected During COVID-19 Pandemic via @stacyamiller85 #Covid19 #Coronavirus

COVID-19 (some refer to it as coronavirus) is a deadly enemy that attacked the world and is keeping us anxious and hostages.

I have been a writer and marketing manager with The Nerdy Girl Express since December, 2015 and it has been a rewarding and positive experience. I enjoy writing articles and live tweeting for the site. Additionally, I created The Nerdy Girl Express’ Facebook page.

I’ve written 3,115 posts for this site. They are primarily tv and movie articles and previews. Fun stuff that show my love of entertainment, a love I’ve had since 1969 when I was four.

But today I decided to write a post regarding COVID-19 and the role media, entertainment and technology is playing  to help keep us comforted, informed and connected.

As someone who grew up in the 1970s when media and technology was in its infancy, if COVID-19 had occurred then we’d be at a greater disadvantage. Imagine a time when cell phones and the internet didn’t exist. There was no such thing as searching the web or FaceTime. And we were limited to three network news stations (no cable), the newspaper and mail. So if something happened in the world, there’d be a Breaking News Report during regularly scheduled programming. But if you missed that, you’d have to wait for the evening nightly news.

Although what we’ve been seeing on the news is scary and raising the stress and anxiety levels, I’m glad we have an option of tuning in live (if we choose) or later online via social media channels. With the Stay Home orders being executed in many regions of the world, the internet is keeping us from being totally isolated from those we love and can’t be with in person.

Companies offering Work From Home are allowing some businesses to continue operating in these troubling times. This is where technology comes into play. Again without the advanced technology we have today, the world would be at a standstill. I am a clinical trials professional and appreciate the company where I work and my colleagues. Their support and communication has been valuable.

We at The Nerdy Girl Express are striving to add some escape from the stresses of the world through entertainment relief to our readers’ lives. Book and movie reviews and television articles provide information to keep readers occupied while stuck in their homes. What should I read? What can I watch? How can I keep my mind off the realness of the situation in order to keep my sanity?

I wish there was a Barry Allen (The Flash) or Oliver Queen (Arrow) that could reset the world to a safer and healthier time. Or a Caitlin Snow (also The Flash) at Star Labs who could create a medical cure booster that could be injected into our systems to protect us from COVID-19. But there’s not. So for now we have to take comfort in each other as We’re In this Together, take escape in any form we can and use technology to stay connected and informed.

And while medical professionals are working hard to treat the infected, we can do our part by continuing to practice social distancing to keep the number of infection down. Some day COVID-19 will be just another bad memory in our history. We can honor the memories of those lives COVID-19 has claimed. And it will have at least the positive impact of having helped us grow stronger as a country.

Comments? Sound off below.  Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .


2 thoughts on “How Media, Entertainment & Technology Is Keeping Us Comforted, Informed & Connected During COVID-19 Pandemic via @stacyamiller85 #Covid19 #Coronavirus

  1. Great writing. Thanks for your expertise. We are living in an ever changing world and it’s refreshing to see someone from the “old school” era adapt, accept and invite the changing times with gracefulness & professionalism.

    Thank you for all you do. Keep it coming.

    An admirer.


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