Dungeons & Dragons: Wizards & Spells Book Review from @kleffnotes

I have had the pleasure of reviewing all of the previous installments of the Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurer’s Guides and this fourth and latest installment speaks deeply to some of my favorite elements. Wizards & Spells is perfect for anyone curious about the magic making elements of the game, which is something I was always curious about. While these are technically young adult reads, I personally find them to be a great gateway for any new or learning player.

This new addition to the series, is again an immersive and beautifully illustrated book that focuses on wizards, sorcerers, and other magi-makers from the D&D mythos. For those who might recall, Will from Stranger Things has one such magic making character, which I find absolutely perfect. For those who are sure they want to be a wizard or feel a calling from a certain half giant bearing them birthday cake, then this book is the perfect way to find out just what you can do while taking on this role for your party.

Jim Zub, Stacy King, and Andrew Wheeler have crafted a fantastic book and while I am not playing a campaign right now I definitely hope to be able to take what they taught me into the future. As a fun fact for readers I have actually read some of Wheeler’s comic book work, Another Castle is a really cool comic if  you are looking for additional magic inspired reads. This book is not only very informative, but I love the illustrations tremendously. Many of them would look so great on a wall or even just on your desk. You can get your copy of Dungeons & Dragons: Wizards & Spells today.

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