Neon Nights Book Review from @kleffnotes

Neon Nights is Katey Taylor’s sequel to her emotional read, Inebriated. Focused on seventeen-year-old Cait who previously experienced a summer riddled with tragedies. She must now deal with the aftermath of her choices and her failed relationships. She is trying to continue on her journey, but the chains of her past weigh heavy on her.

Teenage Cait is contending with her past and trying to work through her past traumas and make her journey forward. She is trying to make new and different decisions with her life, but as she moves forward she still feels herself being pulled back down. In her fight to grow she will have to try and stop from making the same mistakes. Her desire to be a better person and make a better life for herself showcases a need to make new paths and create new coping mechanisms.

For those who enjoyed the works of Ellen Hopkins this book will speak to that genre, though with less artistically crafted formats. Cait is someone you want to root for and who is trying to grow. Her journey is commendable and she is a character that you will be able to connect with from the beginning of the story until the very end. Her love for Adrien is beautifully shared throughout the book and creates a story that readers will deeply engage with. You can order Neon Nights today.

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