Robin Hood’s Widow Book Review from @kleffnotes

This historical fiction series allows readers to experience a different kind of Maid Marian. With skills that rival Robin Hoods, Marian has her own battles to fight. In Robin Hood’s Widow, the second book in The Robin Hood Trilogy, our heroes will have to fight for what they believe is right while also taking on responsibilities they never expected.

Robin must take on a perilous journey across Europe to ensure the safe return of King Richard to England. This will have him experiencing the frozen landscape of Central Europe, on the streets of Paris, and even in the Crusades. While this is taking place, Marian must take up the mantle of leader of the outlaws of Sherwood. As she protects Robin’s legacy she must bring together those who support his cause. Sir Guy of Gisborne, who is now forced to work with the sheriff finds himself contending with a crisis of conscience all while the woman he once loved fights back with a fury that only a grieving woman could posses. He wishes to find redemption, but will it be possible? As the story unfolds all three of these characters are caught in a web of vile machinations being woven by the King of France and his evil advisor.

What I love about this story is that Marian is actually a very prominent character and even gets to take over the sort of Robin mantle when she thinks her beloved is dead. The story is told through the view of so many characters that you are able to get a very detailed picture of what is happening not just in Sherwood, but within the minds and hearts of so many people that are vital to this legend. I really enjoy this series and the care that the authors take with Robin Hood and the crafting of a new fiction for this well known character. I am very excited to see where this trilogy ends. You can get your copy of Robin Hood’s Widow today.

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