A Look At #GeneralHospital 2020 Daytime Emmy Outstanding Supporting Actress Nominees Rebecca Budig & Tamara Braun via @stacyamiller85 @RebeccaBudig @TamaraBraun @GeneralHospital @DaytimeEmmys #OutstandingSupportingActress #DaytimeEmmys #GH

When the 2020 Daytime Emmy Nominations were announced on Thursday, May 21, 2020, General Hospital received a total of 23 nominations.

In this article, our writer Stacy Miller takes a look at Outstanding Supporting Actress Nominees Rebecca Budig (Hayden Barnes) and Tamara Braun (Dr. Kim Nero).

Rebecca Budig (Known for previous daytime roles as Guiding Light’s Michelle Bauer and All My Children’s Greenlee Smythe) received a Daytime Emmy Supporting Actress nomination for playing Hayden Barnes.

On General Hospital, Hayden is a clever young woman with a checkered past involving financial fraud. Ms. Barnes returned to Port Charles with daughter Violet in tow. She admitted to Dr. Hamilton Finn the little girl was the daughter he thought dead. Unfortunately agreeing to work with Jax and Nikolas to obtain the codicil of Mikos Cassadine’s will was a bad choice for Hayden. Fear Valentin would target her and hurt Violet in the process, Hayden fleed from Port Charles left Violet motherless. As portrayed by Rebecca Budig, Hayden in a woman who’s motives aren’t always black and white. But she’ll fight for those she loves and above all to keep her daughter safe.

Rebecca Budig took to Twitter and Instagram to post a photo with fellow nominee and former General Hospital co-star Jason Thompson when she heard the news of her nomination:

This is Budig’s third Daytime Emmy Supporting Actress nomination. She was previously nominated twice for playing All My Children’s Greenlee.

Nothing is worse for a parent than losing a child. On General Hospital, Dr. Kim Nero faced this nightmare. And Tamara Braun performed those scenes with gut wrenching intensity.

Braun’s acting talents earned her two previously Daytime Emmy nominations. In 2004, she was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress as General Hospital’s Carly Corinthos. She won the award in 2009 in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category playing Days of Our Lives’ Ava Vitali.

Wishing Rebecca and Tamara congratulations on their nominations!

The 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards air Friday, June 26, 2020 at 8/7c on CBS.

Photo Courtesy of General Hospital Official Twitter

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