Geek-Girl #6 and #7 Review from @kleffnotes

Geek-Girl is back! For readers who have been here for a little while you know that I frequently review new additions to this comic series. After a bit of a review hiatus I have a double review for you with my thoughts on issues #6 and #7.

Issue #6 shows Ruby being made the head of a superhero time founded by Johnny Carlyle. He has set up The Kaye Foundation and with Digger Mensch he is working to rebuild police stations destroyed by Lightning Storm. The new team he has planned is struggling to actually come together. As the story evolves we see Ruby and Summer finally having their moment of reconciliation and we do get to see the team trying to come together. Learning about the team reveals new heroes, but those aren’t the only reveals we see. Digger, who is working with Johnny, has found himself dealing with backlash from people he saw a friends.

The next issue opens with Ruby, Summer, and Kerry at the costume party from the previous issue. That though isn’t where we stay. We jump to Detroit where a woman refuses to pay for her purchases and we don’t entirely learn who she is, but she is definitely bad news. Back at the party we see how previous tensions come to a head with Ruby and her friends, well people she has called friends who have not been entirely kind to her in the future. There is also someone who seems to be watching Ruby and Summer, but we don’t yet know what he plans might be.

This is a solid continuation of the series and we are able to see Ruby and Summer working together, even if they aren’t entirely doing superhero work right now. What we are seeing though is the emotional work that Ruby is going through after a period of time of being secretly Geek-Girl and having had people who seemed to push her away until she became a big name. Geek-Girl #6 and #7 are Out Now and available in Regular, Digital and Variant editions at www.geekgirlcomics.comand

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