Creepy Kitchen: Pumpkin Skulls and Coffins from @kleffnotes

We are back in my Creepy Kitchen with a dessert option that is very fall. I delved into the graveyard with skulls and coffins with a pumpkin twist. This gained some great reviews from my wife and my in-laws so I think this is definitely a win for any fall event.

I want to start by saying I used a kit for this recipe, but I did some research and tracked down a recipe for this that doesn’t involve you having to find the kit. What I used was a Libby’s Pumpkin Bread baking kit that made two loaves of bread. The recipe I have found that I am linking below makes only one loaf so you could either double it or do one loaf and then another if you need more than one loaf. The version I found that matches roughly what my kit involved was on the website It breaks down the recipe in a better way than I can since I used a pre-packaged mix for this kitchen event, but I will say you need a coffin shaped baking pan and a small skull bake pan, these can both be found online I’m sure, but I got mine at Target and Michael’s respectively.

To make my recipe a little bit different I also added some dark chocolate chips to the skull version of the bread. As a quick run down you will need baking spray, some form of loaf pan, if you can’t find these specific Halloween ones, an oven, and if you choose to add chocolate chips you’ll need those as well. You will also need a mixing bowl and spatula or whisk for mixing this recipe together. There are other kitchen implements you might need, but they are detailed in the provided recipe link. The recipe takes about an hour and a half to throw together, especially if you use the mix. I found my kit at Target and you could probably find one at a variety of grocery stores during fall.

The first step is pre-heating your oven to 350 Fahrenheit and then you will need to combine ingredients as directed in the linked recipe. After that if you choose to add the chocolate chips you should add them. Then spray your pan/pans and pour to roughly half/three-fourths full in whatever container you are using. Then you put them into the oven for about an hour. After that you will need to let them cool for about 10 minutes and then if you have a wire rack or a plate you should transfer them from the pan they baked in to the rack or plate to finish cooling completely. The skulls I made were delicious when served warm. I have pictures or the steps below to give you a visual idea of the recipe.

Bowl of mixed pumpkin bread batter
Bowl of mixed batter with chocolate chips added
Partially filled with batter coffin shaped pan
Skull pan with six skulls filled with chocolate chip batter
Baked skulls still in pan
Baked skulls cooling on wire rack
Baked coffin pan loaf with skeleton outline visible in center

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