Welcome to November from @kleffnotes

It is November 2nd and this month has a lot happening. There is the election first and foremost and while it is seems we will not find out official results until at least a few days later this is something that will be lending to how the rest of the month is received. This though is not a politically motivated article, but instead an article meant to discuss a bit of what you can expect from me as a writer this month and going into December. I just wanted to share a bit of what you can expect from me from now until January 1st 2021.

This month is always a bit off for me solely because October is my favorite month and I wish it could go longer. I always sort of want to keep doing Halloween things, but I also try to transition into doing some catch up on shows and things I didn’t do during October. This month Krista and I have some fun watching plans, many of which include Star Wars, and I also have some food making plans I want to try. This also happens to be the month my birthday is in. We normally try and do something for my birthday and with keeping safe during the pandemic we are going to see what we can do.

With all of the themed articles I did in October this month I need to focus on some catch up. I have reviews to get done and I still need to finish up the fiction piece I was working on for Halloween. I had hoped to finish it up before the month ended, but it has taken a bit longer than I planned. With some catch up to be done and depending on how busy I am within the next couple of months I may not be able to get an article out every weekday. For those of you who don’t know outside of the site I work a full time job that is pretty busy during the day and doesn’t allow for a lot of day time writing. I try to fit some in during lunch breaks and on the sporadic very slow day. Beyond that I have two young dogs, both are still under a year old. Krista and I are trying to spend more time focusing on training them and keeping up with some work they have already done with a professional trainer. This means I will additionally have less time.

The final element that is going to be taking up some of my writing time is that Krista and I are going to try YouTubing together. I previously had a channel that I did weekly vehicles on, but have not really been using it until recently. This time around I am actually going to try and learn how to edit and build up my video creation skills. I really need to focus some time on learning how to use this equipment and get comfortable filming again. I will still have reviews and The Bi Line articles, but you may see a bit less of me on The Nerdy Girl Express until the new year. I will still be keeping up with checking comments and completing reviews and other articles that I have already been contacted for, but I am going to take some time to work on developing my video creating skills and spending some time with my wife and our dogs. Our cats will also get time, but they require a little less training than the dogs.


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