Birthday Writing Break from @kleffnotes

Today happens to be my birthday and with Thanksgiving falling the day after I wanted to announce that I am taking a bit of an article break. With the pandemic still happening any plans to visit with my family had to be cancelled and while we hope to virtually spend some time together it will be a bit of a quiet year. Krista and I, even prior to rises in numbers, had thought going to Ohio would be difficult because of our work schedules so we knew we would be spending much of our holidays in New York. We are looking forward to starting our own traditions and have already planned some fun at home things for ourselves. Before I go on my brief writing hiatus I wanted to share some of the shows we’ve finished recently in case you are looking for something to watch over this hopefully short work week for you.

We have been in sort of a space mood recently and just finished The Right Stuff on Disney+. The series focuses on the Mercury 7 astronauts and what it took to get a man into space. Beyond the science and work of the men in NASA we also get a look into their family lives. This is really what I enjoyed about the series and being able to see what was going on in the lives of the people who were part of the first group of astronauts was really interesting. This is not a documentary, but is instead a dramatic adaptation of a book of the same title. The acting in this is really well done and I found myself learning a lot. Apparently I was not taught a lot about the space program and while I remembered bits and pieces I definitely did not remember things as clearly as I thought. The first season just ended last week and while the final episode is more a tie up than a furthering of the plot, the series overall has been a really good watch.

After Krista and I finished that series we found The Astronaut Wives Club. This was a one season show on ABC back in 2015. Based on how this series ended it either was designated as a one season show or they were cancelled early on and were able to do a final episode that tied everything up completely. I didn’t research to see so if you know definitely let me know. This series as you might guess focuses on the wives of the astronauts, first with Mercury 7 and then it moves on to encompass later groups of astronauts and their wives. The original group of wives remains the core and while Right Stuff focuses a lot on John Glenn and Alan Shepard other wives also receive focus in this series. Louise Shepard, in this series played by Dominique McElligott, still gets a lot of story, but in this version we see more of her pushing herself to try and break out of the image she has had to craft. Betty Grissom, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, is a major role and she is exceptional in the 10 episode story arc they craft for her, while the story of Gus Grissom is tragic in real life, the series handles Betty and her grief exceptionally. Krista’s favorite part was the surprise appearance of one of her favorite actresses Yvonne Strahovski, who plays Rene Carpenter. You might know Strahovski from Chuck if you are trying to place the name. The life of Rene Carpenter is also very interesting and we see her blossom into a strong person who fights for other women.

The final thing we’ve been watching is just some Lego Star Wars Shorts on Disney+. After we watched the Holiday Special it kept suggesting things so we did some watching through and have been really enjoying them. Very shortly we are going to begin a massive Star Wars marathon that I will definitely be documenting here for all of you. This one is going to take us a while so there will be plenty of pieces. I hope you are able to relax, find time with family and friends safely, or just have an enjoyable few days and I will be back next week with more articles.

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