Holiday Preferences from @kleffnotes

I thought as a fun little mid week article I would share some of my Holiday preferences in terms of things that I prefer over others. This might lead to people yelling at me on social media or to maybe people agreeing with me. Let me know your thoughts on this little list after you read.

First off, my big one is that I prefer having a holiday movie on in the background instead of listening to Christmas music. Now if I am in a car music is preferred, though I really like it when a holiday channel plays the entire Grinch song where you really just wind up hearing the entire movie instead of just the musical number. I just like having things on in the background sort of all the time so during the holidays I will always pick a show or movie over just music.

The next one is that I much prefer side dishes to main dishes at a holiday meal. We only ever really made Christmas dinner at home, which means that when most people have favorite dishes tied to Thanksgiving mine are all tied to Christmas. I have always preferred the sides, especially the starch and carb heavy ones to the main dishes. I don’t think this one is too controversial since it seems like once we hit the holidays people are typically shouting out sides or desserts instead of the main dish.

This third one is a weird argument I have vaguely had every year and that is what kind of movie The Nightmare Before Christmas is. I have watched this movie so many times and also own a great deal of merchandise for the movie. I really love this movie, but it is totally not a Halloween movie. This is solidly a Christmas movie, even if it does start on Halloween and include a favorite Halloween song of mine. The basis of the movie is that Jack wants to take over Christmas and is focused on actively celebrating this holiday instead of Halloween. When the focus is celebrating Christmas how can it not be a Christmas movie.

For my final preference I am going to draw from Krista and say I am not a fan of classy Christmas. This is a term Krista uses to mean styled Christmas where everything matches and you typically do not use personal ornaments, but rather just decorative ornaments. I much prefer right lights, ornaments that showcase special moments and things I love, and lots of sparkle. Our house is currently very well light with a variety of Christmas lights and our tree is jampacked with character ornaments, wedding ornaments, and so much more. I just love having that personal touch and the lights feel very Christmas to me.

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