Taking a Bit of a Holiday Break from @kleffnotes

This is just a brief little article to let readers know that I will be taking a bit of a break. With the holidays kicking into high gear and some articles that need to be released in the new year I am going to be focusing on getting some things done between now and the new year. I will be back after January 1st with new articles, but you won’t see anything new from me for a bit as I get prepped for 2021.

If you are looking forward to more articles from me or check out my articles periodically there will be some new types of articles and some of my more classic writeups. There will still very definitely be book reviews. I will always be doing those and I get requests pretty frequently so I will always have those coming out. I currently have a list of book reviews that have to go up between January 1st and April 27th. I will also be trying out some new things.

Krista and I have a plan to do a giant Star Wars watch. This will involves movies, shows, and maybe even some comics. It will dominate what we watch for a bit and because of that I will be doing articles about what we are doing and exploring in terms of Star Wars. There will also be more recipes thrown in during this. We have plans to make themed snacks and try out some tasty new main dishes.

I also want to try and cover more queer content. I thought I did a pretty good job of increasing my queer article content this past year, but I did have issues getting articles done later in the year. I do want to try and do more though to help support queer creators. I’ll have to do some research and keep digging into topics to cover that add diversity to what queer content I cover.

The final element I am going to be working on more is video creating. Krista bought me some very nice new equipment for making videos and I need to sit down and figure it all out. I really did like making videos and would like to get back into doing that. While they might not be the most amazing things ever I would like to get more proficient at video creating, at least for my own desire to be better at it whether people watch it or not.

I look forward to being back with you in the new year and if you have any suggestions for articles please let me know.

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