Second Sight Publishing 2021 Previews from @kleffnotes

Second Sight Publishing reached out to me for some promotional coverage for the new year. They have four comics releasing that I had the chance to check out a bit early. I’ll be sharing some info and my thoughts on Lady Freedom, The Edge, Book of Lyaxia, and Leave on the Light. The image used in this header is their Diamond Comics ad, which shows all four. These comics are in previews, but will be available in March 2021. It is also important to note that the first three listed are single issues while the last in the list is a full trade paperback.

Lady Freedom #1 introduces readers to the title character, as well as Camille, and a villain named Black Valkyrie. There is a brief mention of a hero maker program that lead to the creation of Lady Freedom and Camille. We then get a full page for the villain reveal. The action in this book is immediate and you are thrown into an attack taking place because of Black Valkyrie. We also meet an almost Deadpool looking character named Scarlett. She appears to help out Lady Freedom and as new characters appear the action increases. We end with a cliffhanger, which makes sense as this is a first issue, and I am curious to see how this series continues. If you enjoy superhero stories and are looking for more female characters this might be something you’d like to read.

The Edge #1 begins in a facility in snowy seclusion. When someone who was the focus of an experiment of endurance and human intelligence decides to attack the men involved in the program everything changes. Men are killed and we then jump ahead two years What is immediately interesting is that characters are identified by having their names appear above them. This story introduces a lot of characters in a sort of X-Men like team. These powered people are working to stop a hostage situation from leading to death. As we meet them all we also learn more about the initially introduced powered character, Revenant. This is also very action packed and showcases so many different powers and characters. The end will have you wanting to read the next one immediately.

The Book of Lyaxia #1 is a shift from superheroes to fantasy. We are introduced to a new location that immediately reminded me of Asgard from the Thor movies. There have not been any new gods for years and suddenly twins are born and the excitement is palpable. The timeline then jumps forward. We meet Chronos and Deimos, the twins mentioned at the start of the story. As the story evolves we see tension and powers building. When an intense council meeting comes to a head with a weapon we see that Chronos has his own thoughts about what should happen in his father’s absence. This blends fantasy with power and is definitely a great choice for Thor fans.

The final release is much longer, Leave on the Light, is a full trade paperback. This story is sort of an outlier genre-wise within this list as it is a horror comic and it is also in black and white. The children of a small town are in danger when an undead serial killer finds a way to target them using the electrical system. This is a very eerie read and even with the black and white coloring it is still plenty graphic. If you are a fan of slashers this is a read that you’d be very comfortable with. I don’t want to give too much away since this is a creepy read that will have plenty to keep you engrossed. You can find out more about Second Sight Publishing on their website.

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