The Sins of the Father and Rising Darkness from @kleffnotes

As we continue our watch of The Clone Wars we recently watched the episodes focused on Mortis. I actually had some weird and random knowledge of this element of Star Wars lore, solely because Krista was watching some YouTube that focused on legends and dove a bit deeper into things that influenced the force. This three episode arc begins with Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka finding themselves pulled into a bizarre looking planet. When they wake up they realize that they can’t leave and are then met by a mysterious woman who is the starting point for the mysterious events that take place on this planet.

Anakin becomes the focus and he learns that he is The Chosen One, which is something he didn’t know about himself. As we are introduced to the three inhabitant on Mortis we are introduced to the balance of the force and a long forgotten legend. The Father and his two children are the only people who live here and The Father is constantly working to try and keep The Daughter, who is tied to the light side, and The Son, who is tied to dark side, in balance. He has called Anakin here because The Father is dying and needs him to take over the balance. We see Anakin use his powers to force the siblings to stay in balance, but he does not wish to stay on Mortis. As the three episodes continue we see Ahsoka kidnapped and infected by The Son to try and sway Anakin to his side. What is crucial is that The Son has been growing more powerful and he keeps gaining strength as the story continues. The Father is eventually attacked and The Daughter chooses to side with Obi-Wan to try and save him.

The Son is so focused on getting Anakin that he fully focuses on him and eventually breaks the rules to show Anakin the future. He is sure that by doing this Anakin will accept him and embrace the darkness. What happens is that Anakin, and the audience, see brief glimpses of what will be for Anakin. This culminates with an image of Darth Vader’s helmet appearing behind Anakin who agrees to join The Son if he can stop what he has seen from coming to be. Once he has been influenced he believes he can stop the war by destroying the Jedi and The Son has said he plans to destroy everyone, he even plans to eliminate the Sith. What I found interesting was that Anakin is willing to join the dark even after seeing that he will be pulled to the Sith in the vision. His desire to protect and save those he sees at risk is emphasized by his need to do whatever will help them no matter what that means. The pull of the dark side in this is directed by his fear that he will harm others. The Father ultimately takes this future knowledge away from him, but as events transpire the family on Mortis dies.

This places the force in a sort of limbo as it appears that now the balance will be controlled by those who wield it. This also explains the prophecy in a bit more detail as Anakin could bring balance to the force, but through The Father’s actions the conduits of the force are destroyed. This again though does hint that through Anakin the force will find a balance in some way. I enjoyed this examination of Anakin and his connection to both sides of the force. This arc I felt really showed how he could be swayed through his desire to save and protect to ultimately find himself on the side of dark. He wishes to have control, which is not something that the Jedi can always ensure. This was a very magical episode arc and I really enjoyed that. I do have plans to chat a bit about the Nightsisters later on, but am waiting a bit before I delve into that. I will say I really liked them when they were introduced and was super excited about magic being part of The Clone Wars.

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