Some Additions to The Massive Star Wars Marathon from @kleffnotes

This is a brief little article to give y’all an update on our Star Wars marathon and some tweaks we are making. We are not removing anything, but instead have added in two more pieces to the marathon. I also have a quick review update for something I am hoping to have out this month.

The first thing that we are adding Krista has already watched all the way through. We are both terrible at video games, but we had seen a brief play through video of part of The Fallen Order game and really wanted to know more about it. Krista found a streamer named Marz and was able to watch a 9 part full play through of the game. I admittedly did not watch all of it, but I did watch most of it and we were both very invested in knowing how it ended. This one we did not watch in chronological order, it is shown as falling before Episode IV, but we have yet to make it past The Clone Wars series yet. I have hinted to Krista that I think she should write an article about the game to share her thoughts as someone who watched it and didn’t play it, so you might have that to look forward to before the end of the month.

We are also adding something to the end of the marathon that we couldn’t figure out how to watch in a chronological way. Star Wars Forces of Destiny is a shorts series that focuses on heroines from the Star Wars universe. We had never heard of it, but saw someone watching it on Instagram and when I saw Qi’ra from Solo had at least one episode I said we had to watch it. Since the shorts jump around in the timeline we thought that just watching it at the end would be a nice way to tie everything up.

As a final piece since I have reviewed some Star Wars books and audiobooks in the past I was sent audio review files of two High Republic books that recently released. The downside is I am a bit slow to listen to audiobooks, I read a bit faster, but am hoping to have something out for Star Wars: Light of the Jedi(The High Republic) and Star Wars The High Republic: A Test of Courage before the end of the month. If you have listened or read either I would love to know what you think. I am looking forward to listening, but it is going to take me a little bit.


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