Questions I Have For Clone Wars So Far from @kleffnotes

As a small article for the start of the week I thought I would share some of my questions that I’ve had as we make our way through The Clone Wars. These aren’t very intense questions, but just sort of curious things I wondered about as we made the way through. These also might have been answered elsewhere before, but I haven’t wanted to spoil anything and have been avoiding too much research.

The first question I have is perhaps my most important question. Why in the world did The Clone Wars primarily release not in chronological order? I would understand if no episodes or seasons were in order, but based on the list we are using Seasons 4 and 6 are designed to be watched in order, while every other season is not. Some are primarily in order, but still there are outlier episodes. I genuinely don’t understand this choice. I have made attempts to understand why or think of good reasons as to why, but nothing has come to mind. If you know why could you please let me know because I really do want to know.

This next one is just a little random and only related to a fewepisodes. At the end of Season 5 and in most of the Season 6 episodes Tim Curry is the voice of Senator Palpatine. He isn’t his normal voice actor and I was very pleased to hear his voice, but have no idea why he would be a stand-in for a just a brief window. Was the regular actor unavailable? Did Tim just happen to be around and said he would do voice work? Does anyone know why this odd change was made?

As a final question, told you this would be short, why do we have a time jump? It happens at about the midway point of the series and during the jump Ahsoka gets a second lightsaber. We never get to see how she got the second or what the training was for her to learn that. I really want to see her training and building her new saber. It seems like something that would have made for a great episode for her. Is there a reason for the jump or why this was omitted that has been shared?

That’s it for today and hopefully we will soon be farther along in our marathon. We have been trying, but it is definitely harder to get through everything super quickly. We will definitely be seeing this through and I am very excited to keep going. Share your own Clone Wars questions in the comments below!

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