A Bit of Random Watch Thoughts from @kleffnotes

Krista and I have taken a bit of a break from our Star Wars marathon, which I will get into a bit more in a later article, but with that break we have taken some time to do a bit of random watching. I thought I would share some of the shows we have watched in the interim in case you are looking for some show suggestions.

The first thing we started watching was All Rise. We had started watching the series at one point, but it was removed from Prime and then was in a limbo period where you couldn’t watch any of Season One, even on CBS All Access. We finally were able to start watching it again and are mostly caught up. We haven’t watch the most recent episode, but we did a lot of binging. The fun of watching legal shows for me is not entirely the content matter, but more Krista’s reactions to the legal things happening. I do love Lola and in particular Sherri, her clerk. The show examines real world situations, which include racial prejudices and how various characters in the show cope with racist systems and views. I really enjoy this show, but in particular watching Krista react to it is honestly the best part.

The next show we’ve been watching Krista was a fan of before I met her, Suits. I had never seen this show, though I am very sure my parents watched it at some point. She had never finished the series and while she was going through legal shows to watch, it is a partial theme to our watches recently, she found it was available. We have periodically watched episodes at a time and she also sometimes watches it while I am falling asleep. I am enjoying the show and Krista’s reactions to this one are even better because so many not lawful things are happening. My favorite character is definitely Donna and while she has done a bit of not exactly on the level things she is still a delight.

Outside of the legal theme we were browsing the CW Seed App, which has some random shows available to watch for free with commercials. We had planned to watch more of Time After Time, but they don’t have it anymore(NOOOOO!!! Someone help me find this show!!!), so we tried to find something else. We randomly came across Privileged, which is a one season series starring JoAnna Garcia Swisher. She as great as Betty Grissom in The Astronaut Wives Club and we thought it would worth the watch to see her in a different role. Lucy Hale is also one of the leads in this series and gets to sing a bit, which is fun. Garcia’s character Megan is a very chatty Yale graduate who winds up working as a tutor to a set of very rich twins in Palm Beach, Florida. The show is very early 2000s CW and is just a fun little thing to put on while you relax.

The last thing I thought I would mention is something I think most of if not the entire world is watching. We finally caught up with WandaVision. I don’t want to give any spoilers in case you are waiting for all of the episodes to drop or maybe you’ve just been too busy to watch. I will say I am really enjoying it and am super excited that Monica Rambeau and Darcy Lewis are in this. I really like Darcy in the Thor movies and was really surprised to see her. Episode four I think was my favorite and I am very excited to see how the series ends, especially after the most recent episode.

That’s it for now, though I am sure we are going to be throwing in some more shows before too long. We are going to try and get back to our Star Wars marathon so if you like Star Wars keep an eye out for more of those articles. Let me know what you are watching in the comments below!

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