Duplicant Issue #1 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Duplicant #1 releases on April 14th and showcases a story that combines futuristic worlds with a frightening concept. Written by Karla Nappi with art by Marianna Strychowska, lettering and production by Josh Reed, and cover art by Leila del Duca and Owen Gieni this story will take you to a future where organ failure has resulted in new innovations in science that may not behave exactly as intended.

In this series all organs are manufactured and when the price of these organs gets too high you can be sold to the highest bidder to pay off your debt. The human organ trade is illegal and you are forced to only get a duplicant organ. Nappi specifically mentions that Repo: The Genetic Opera was part of the inspiration for this series and that is really what drew me in. I love that movie and anything that is inspired by it has never let me down.

When the organ failure crisis begins Regenerist Tech cannot find a solution, but one of their scientists Matt Travers finds a way to help humanity. With organ duplicating Regenerist is able to corner the market on organs, making human organ transplants illegal. Pamela Wilton is one person who is now known as a duplicant. When her lungs failed she has them replaced and when she goes in for the procedure we watch an auction occur. Her debt has been sold and after her surgery she is employed by the person who bought her debt, which means she can no longer be a lawyer and must do only what he wants her to do.

This read is frightening and so well crafted. Pamela is one of our focal characters and her life after the duplicant lung surgery is awful. We watch what has happened to her and then also see Matt Travers continuing his research. The story then takes a turn that shocked me and I totally didn’t expect it. This is such a great book and if you love body modification or science fiction that examines what it is to be human this is a read for you. You can find Duplicant #1 on sale on April 14th.

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