Writer’s Block and Figuring Out Content from @kleffnotes

Today I have finally determined that I actually have writer’s block. This honestly seems baffling to me since I don’t do a ton of truly creative writing on The Nerdy Girl Express, but I still feel like it has set in. I though am unsure what to do with this knowledge.

Recently I have been primarily covering book reviews, which I enjoy doing and often have huge piles of to review books to get through. I though have a small to review pile, but nothing is due to be released until May or June. This means my to do pile is smaller than normal. Beyond that I am not currently doing any convention coverage, I didn’t do a ton of this before quarantine, but I would still have some sporadic coverage. I do know conventions are happening virtually, but it has been hard to get involved. Not because the conventions don’t have options to join that I could do, but because I just haven’t felt like I would do the coverage as well as I would like.

I also recently haven’t had a lot of series or movies that I’ve been super motivated to cover. Krista and I were pushing through a massive Star Wars marathon, but that sort of wound down with life and work being very busy. I also auditioned for a play, which is fully virtual. I may only be an understudy, but I do still go to all our rehearsals and they take up a lot of my evenings during the week. I just can’t seem to find something I really want to write about if it isn’t something I honestly have a deadline for from someone else.

I have been trying to be creative over on Instagram, though I may not get a lot of likes I am still trying to post fun content and share the love with folks who are doing far better than I am. I wrote a bit about this, but there are a lot of DisneyBounders online and they are all so good at it. I am trying, but I am definitely not up to the caliber of most folks.

I just sort of feel like my writing is in a rut. I had hoped to get started on videos, but that hasn’t happened yet. Some of that has to do with laptop issues, though there is a solution to that I need to delve into. I just haven’t felt super inspired to create articles and while I have video ideas I need to actually give myself time to work on them and figure out how to edit and get things done. If you have suggestions or thoughts about what you’d like to see or what you might enjoy hopefully that will help me get thinking. This though does mean there might be some gaps in content from me as I try and figure things out.

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