Pride Features And What Would You Like to See? from @kleffnotes

2021 seems to be going by so quickly and I wanted to make sure I am prepped and ready for June. It feels like it will be here any minute, which means I need to get to working on getting content ready for Pride. I thought I would share some of what I am planning and see if anyone has suggestions or is interested in adding anything for articles.

The first thing that I have planned for June are sharing photos and outfits inspired by characters within the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. I will be releasing an official plan for this over on my Instagram, but haven’t officially mentioned anything yet. I do though have lots of plans and a full schedule drafted up. I even have all of the clothes that I need for now compiled in my shooting area/the library in our house.

The second plan is for there to a be a lot of queer movie/show marathoning. Krista has a very impressive collection thanks to her many years without solid internet and having to ensure she could watch things on a blu-ray or dvd player. This means we have multiple television shows and even more movies that we can pull out and watch whenever we want. We also have streaming subscriptions so we can totally check out newer shows or anything that we might not have in a physical copy. If you have suggestions for things you’d like us to watch let us know. I am thinking articles and also probably some Instagram posts since I’m not really on Twitter anymore.

The third plan is to hopefully go to a Pride. We live closer to some larger cities now and if there are some safe outdoor options we are thinking we might travel to them. We also have bought some new clothes that would work perfectly for a Pride that would be great to wear around some other queer folks in real life.

These are the main plans so far, though there is plenty of time to ad in more things. If you have suggestions of things you would like covered during June you should definitely reach out. You can either post in the comments or if you do respond to this post in Twitter I will eventually see it.

Share your thoughts in the comments or reach out to us on Twitter, @kleffnotes, Instagram, kleffgoeverafter, or find older content on my blog,, or YouTube, @kleffnotes.

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