Going on a Road Trip, Any Suggestions? from @kleffnotes

Krista and I are planning a road trip for the not to distant future and I thought I would share some of the things we always pack on long drives. I also wanted to give folks a chance to share things that they think are a must have for a trip. You can think for either a road trip or any sort of multi-hour trip so if you have thoughts share away in the comments.

The first thing that is absolutely vital to Krista on a road trip is music. She does the driving, I still don’t have a license and eventually that has to happen, but for now she handles it and needs music to keep her focused. The music can vary and we have a lot of options. I have my own iPod, she has an iPod, and we have a pretty massive collection of CDs. We make sure to bring a number of things with us so that we have options and aren’t stuck listening to the same thing for a million hours. I also sometimes sneak in a podcast if I think it will be one that Krista would like.

The second thing is some sort of GPS device. Yes, we could use our phones, but depending on the length of the drive and where you are in the country you can suddenly not have data or lose connection. We have a GPS mounted in our car, which was a very nice gift from my folks a couple Christmases ago. It worked pretty well and only sometimes tries to reroute us into Canada. Not a joke, it really does because of how close we sometimes are to the border.

The third thing is of course snacks and things to drink. Krista frequently used to pack energy drinks based on the length of the drive, but she will drink regular soda if the length of the drive isn’t too bad. She will also drink some coffee drinks and I of course like to try and suggest coffee stops a lot of the time. We also pack travel friendly food like chips and candy that can be handheld and not messy.

The last thing on the list for us is often a dog, yes we frequently make trips with our dogs. We make sure to have food, toys, water bowls, and bottled water for the pups when they do travel with us. When Chloe and Bruni were younger this also meant bringing crates, but currently they are getting back at being just in the back of the car. Bruni just sometimes needs some reassurance that the car is not evil. Let me know your road trip must haves in the comments below!

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