Well Now I Need to Research Even More Dog Things from @kleffnotes

Today I reveal that the road trip I mentioned on Friday has already happened. This past weekend Krista and I drove, she literally did all of the driving so I was just along for the ride, to Pennsylvania. Now we had sort of vaguely planned this trip before. Krista went to law school in Carlisle and she wanted to show me the sights, but as it turned out this trip involved something a little extra.

On Friday after work we drove to Cooperstown, New York and met up for dinner with my brother and his girlfriend. After that we went back to our hotel, got a little sleep and then headed to Carlisle in the morning. We made it by the afternoon and grabbed sushi at a sushi place that Krista had her very first roll out. She has been trying to have it for years and finally got to have it again. It was called the angel hair roll and it was indeed the best roll I have ever had. We then wound up going to a local bar she remembered, which had sadly changed a bit and was not as fun as she remembered. The cookies were not what they used to be.

We also found some new things that hadn’t been there when she lived there. This included a very cool cider brewing company where I indulged in a cider flight. We even brought cider home, we tried to bring home mead that they sold on tap, but sadly they weren’t able to sell growlers of that. The place was called Grand Illusion and if we get a chance to go back to Carlisle it is a definite must stop. After that we did a little walking around and I was able to see where Krista lived and we also got Rita’s. It was absolutely amazing and so tasty, but neither of us got to eat much of our Rita’s solely because we added a third to our trip.

On Friday the 14th Krista happened to be on Facebook and she saw a dog was going to be killed in North Carolina. She often donates to a shelter to try and move a dog off the kill list. The issue in this case was that the very small Rottweiler she saw was at a shelter that said if the dog was still there by Monday no amount of money would save her. Normally she would not do this, but Krista began working to see if there was any way to save this dog. What wound up happening was she adopted her, managed to get the vet the shelter would send her to for shots and some check up things to board her, and a transport person to meet us in Pennsylvania. On Saturday the 22nd we picked up the newest member of the family.

Harley is the name we gave her and she is a roughly 4 year old Rottweiler who is very small for her age. We know she has had puppies and think she may have been breeding stock for a puppy mill. For the most part she is super sweet, but she is struggling a bit with food aggression. I am pretty sure that is common for strays, which she was for a period of time, and she is trying to warm up to the cats. Oliver she has no issue with, but Binx and Bane, mostly Binx, make her a bit more reactive. We are keeping her on a leash and ensuring interactions with cats are monitored. She only worries about her food around the cats, which is good since it means Krista and I can take bowls or food away from her if necessary.

Now you might be wondering about her interactions with Chloe and Bruni. She actually hasn’t met them yet. They are currently at a stay and train program with some trainers we know and are getting some help with some things we were struggling with. Bruni is really anxious and needed more specialized help with other dog and human interactions. Chloe loves to go to her day care, which is run by the stay and train folks, and they are working with some issue with leash walking and reacting to people and other dogs. They are meeting Harley soon, but she will meet with the stay and train folks first to do some minor training with them. Mostly because they have more diverse dog experiences and can help us with her food aggression and cat reactivity when food is out. Chloe loves other dogs and Bruni is typically calm, though he and Chloe do sometimes set each other off. We will see how it all goes and will keep you updated.

Harley around people is great and the shelter did mention that she was around other dogs with no issues, but we aren’t sure about other dogs when food is around. We will be working with her and making sure everyone is safe. There will definitely be some updates as we go. We also are doing some of our own research to make sure that we can do our best to help Harley adjust to her new home.

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