Fun Things I’m Doing This Summer from @kleffnotes

It is officially summer feeling here, the weather is hot and it doesn’t rain as much, so I am starting to prep for some summer fun. While yes I do work a typical 9-5 job during the work week, I can still make fun plans for weekends and even the occasional small trip. I thought I would share some of the fun things Krista and I have planned while to start this week off.

To start we are doing some work on our house and trying to give ourselves some nice outdoor relaxing spaces. We are working on screening in our front porch, which is very close to done and then getting it decorated for outdoor lounging and hopefully some outdoor movies. We are also working on fencing in the rest of our yard. We have an oddly laid out property setup and the sort of backyard is fenced, but we have a ton of side yard that the dogs would love to spend time in so we are putting up more fencing. The existing fencing would be very expensive to replace so we are just adding some new fencing in the unfenced areas. We are then going to add some lawn furniture, lawn games, and some dog toys, currently we have a sort of tetherball style one that we can’t setup until we get the new fencing up. That will give us some nice outside of the house space. Oh and we bought a sort of mini pool. It is technically a plastic stock tank, but Facebook posts Krista showed me had folks using the much cheaper tanks as sort of adult style kiddie pools so we picked one up.

Another thing we are doing, which you might have noticed with the two movie reviews, is going to the movies again. We recently say Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc on a big screen, which neither one of us had done before. Krista loves Harrison Ford and we were shocked our theater was showing it. Going was a lot of fun and besides new movies our theater does have some movies they are showing especially for the summer that we are going to see if we can catch. Nothing beats an air conditioned theater on a hot day.

We also have already done one of our plans for the summer, which was go on a trip to Pennsylvania. We had a great time and we picked Harley, the newest addition to our family there. We also have another trip planned to New York City. This one won’t involve too much driving though since it is easier to take the train into the city than to drive into it. Mostly we’ll be doing touristy things like going to the Krispy Kreme store, checking out the Harry Potter store, basically lots of stores, and eventually eating at the Olive Garden. We go every time, it was one of the things we did during our first ever NYC trip together so it is a tradition.

What are your summer plans this year? Anything fun and exciting? Let me know in the comments.

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