Angel S3 Ep20: “A New World” Ending Rewritten via @stacyamiller85 #Angel #AngeltheSeries

Have you ever watched the ending of a television show and wished the episode ended differently?

I decided to rewrite the ending of the Angel Season 3 episode “A New World.”


“You’re not alone, you know that right?” Angel asked.

“Yes…I know” Connor answered before running off.

Angel wondered if he was doing the right thing by allowing his son to run away from him perhaps out of his life for good but knowing what it’s like to have to conquer your demons, he knew the best thing he could do for his son was to give Connor the space he needed to discover who he was and what he wanted.

Meanwhile at the law offices of Wolfram & Hart, Lilah Morgan was explaining to the other sharks…um lawyers about her latest strategy to bring Angel over to their side by using the one thing that mattered most to him in the world against him. Angel was unaware that the portal that had opened in the lobby of the Hyperion and brought Connor back to him had nothing to do with the dark magicks he had used to find his son. Ever since Holtz had taken the vampire offspring into the Quor’toth, the senior partners were obsessed with retrieving him and as Vice President of Special Projects, it became Lilah’s assignment to make it happen. She had poured over tome after tome until eureka…there it was, the answer to her prayers, if she did that sort of thing.

“As I was saying, the time to strike is now and I have the perfect way to accomplish what we want.” Lilah pushed the intercom button on the phone that sat on the conference room table and said, “Have our guest come in.” All eyes in the room turned towards the door. “Allow me to introduce someone who hates Angel as much as we do.”

Connor entered the room and was immediately advanced upon by two of Wolfram & Hart’s top counselors. Bad move on their part as the feral young teenage warrior had them knocked out on the floor within a matter of seconds.

“Now if there aren’t any more interruptions, I’d like to continue.” Lilah told the group how while Angel believed he had the upper hand when he “convinced” her to take him to the White Room to get the answers he needed to get his son back, she was a step ahead. True, the spell he had performed opened the gateway allowing the water-draining slugs to descend upon Angel Inc. headquarters, but it was Lilah’s own incantation that brought Connor there. His first stop – an hour before – had been her office. “After convincing our young friend here that we wanted the same thing he did to make Angelus pay, he agreed to work for us. So I gave Angel his son back.” The demon beast from Quor’toth was my extra special touch, Lilah thought back with a laugh.

Of course like most teenagers, he got sidetracked. Wasting time with that nonsense playing rescuer to that drugged out girl Sunny, angering her supplier Tyke and almost getting killed in a police shootout…ironically his life being saved by the father he was there now to destroy.

“So Connor…Steven will play on Angel’s need to be father, gain his trust and when the time is right, Angel will be ours.” Lilah directed her next statement to Connor: “Go back to the hotel and play loving son to daddy dearest.”

“I don’t take orders from you,” Connor replied an angry edge to his voice.

“You will if you want us to stick to our part of the bargain'” Lilah reminded. Connor thought for a moment the got up and walked out of the room and back to the Hyperion.

“What did you promise him?” Gavin asked. “That I would get Holtz out of Quor’toth too after this was over” Lilah answered.

“I’m confused.” That was Gavin again. “I thought the Senior Partners wanted us to contain the vampire offspring for study, not hire him.”

Lilah was frustrated. Gavin was an idiot. It was any wonder how he gotten out of law school!”

“It was a lie Gavin- we’re lawyers, that’s what we do. Of course we have no intention of bringing Holtz back but we had to make him believe we did. What was I going to say ‘Help us destroy your demon father and oh by the way, when we’re finished we’re going to cut you open and dissect you like a frog if that’s okay with you’ This was we get to kill two birds with one stone.”

Or two bats as the case were- vampire and vampire, jr. Lilah thought, a wickedly delicious smile on her face.


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