Articles Going Forward from @kleffnotes

If you keep an eye on The Nerdy Girl Express you might have noticed I have been sort of quiet recently. That isn’t to say that I haven’t wanted to write, but really that I have just been too busy to get any projects done. I used to try and get an article up every day and that happened for a long time. I then focused on getting things up about two to three times a week, but I have run into a scheduled that has led me to need to focus on getting things done just when I can.

If you didn’t know I don’t make any money writing articles. I do it simply for the love of writing and sharing my thoughts on things. This has led to great opportunities like interviews, conventions, and being able to review so many things I can barely keep track. I do actually have a to review pile and list that is on going, but I haven’t had anything with a solid due date that could not be pushed by a week or two. I will still be writing, but you may notice that my articles come out sporadically throughout the months. I will still be meeting any requirements from those who have reached out to me for reviews, but I won’t be doing as many listicles or sort of random articles.

I recently got a promotion at my paying job that has resulted in a far busier schedule with way more responsibilities. I also have three dogs that require time and need attention because they deserve to have time with me. I also am trying to spend as much time with my wife as I can. Krista has been so busy and I have been busy and we are treasuring any time we can get together while we are so busy. I am going to take some of this time to start focusing on what I really want to create and making plans for projects that inspire me. This has already been happening, just not here.

I have been getting more involved in Instagram and trying to get more comfortable with costumes and giving myself the time to create. I have really enjoyed learning how to edit and putting looks together. I have also used the platform to share media that I enjoy and suggest it to other folks. If you want to keep up with me there I am @kleffgoeverafter. I am pretty active and love engaging with people over there.

Keep an eye out for articles and reviews to come because there are definitely plans. There will just be a bit more wait between pieces. If you want to keep hanging out with me and getting more life updates you can find me on Instagram.

Share your thoughts in the comments or reach out to us on Twitter, @kleffnotes, Instagram, kleffgoeverafter, or find older content on my blog,, or YouTube, @kleffnotes.

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