Dear Holmes Showcase Article from @kleffnotes

Sherlock Holmes is a character that I adore beyond possibly all other characters. This love stems back to Wishbone and the episode focused on The Hound of the Baskervilles and has evolved over the years. The world’s most famous detective has led to massive research projects and even to attempts at book writing when I was much younger. Somewhere there must exist a copy of my attempt at Sherlock Hound the adorable Bassett Hound in a deerstalker, though I couldn’t find it if I tried. This love has led to buying mystery experiences before and when I was asked to check out Dear Holmes I jumped at the chance.

This product comes with not a lot of explanation, but you don’t really need it. The focus of the product I was sent is for you two receive a letter by mail once a week to ultimately help you solve a larger mystery. The concept is great and allows you to pretend to be a valued mystery solving companion of Mr. Holmes. I love that it is weekly and that you actually get a physical letter in the mail.

The letters are great quality and do feel a bit vintage. If I received these every week for a bit of time I would have been so excited. The downside is that I received all the letters in one day and they aren’t super clearly labeled as to what order I need to read them. For those who get the letters in their planned mailing order you could rely on a postmark or even date the envelope. I had to puzzle it out a bit, but I do think the subscription is a lot of fun. If you like mysteries and Sherlock Holmes as much as I do than this is a perfect thing for you. I have linked the site for Dear Holmes so that you can check out some of the other options you can enjoy.

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