It was Electrifying Watching #GreaseLive!

Last night FOX aired its live musical version of the classic movie Grease. I wasn’t sure what to expect out of it. Was it going to be an exact rendition? A new take on it? Something in between? How would it differ being broadcast live with a studio audience? It ended up being a quite the fun ride. Read below for more! Continue reading “It was Electrifying Watching #GreaseLive!”

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the All New #TheWiz

The past couple years NBC has missed the boat on their holiday live musical adaptations; the Sound of Music and Peter Pan were both lackadaisical with one or two good music numbers at best. This year though, they hit the witch right on the head (I couldn’t resist and I’m not sorry) with their adaptation of the cult classic, The Wiz. Continue reading “Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the All New #TheWiz”