Interview with @scottjkyle1 From @Outlander_STARZ Season Two via @erinwise82

Outlander has been captivating audiences for two seasons now. It is a fascinating depiction of Diana Gabaldon’s best selling books. A daring story built along some of the history of Scotland.
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Got Enemies? The Crafty Geek ep. 5 @Outlander_STARZ via @luckynerdgirl

This weeks edition of The Crafty Geek we discover how to create a pendant that will detect poison ;).  If you watched last weeks episode of Outlander, then you might know what I’m talking about! After our leading lady Claire was poisoned (actually bitter cascara), her dear friend Master Raymond gives her a stone pendant that will detect any other poisons. Just the sort of thing someone Claire would need seeing that she seems to make enemies so quickly! Continue reading “Got Enemies? The Crafty Geek ep. 5 @Outlander_STARZ via @luckynerdgirl”

@Outlander_STARZ Has Some Explaining To Do via @erinwise82

After all these months of waiting and we come back to our lovely Claire stumbling around her present time??  Sad, alone, and back with Frank, most of the first episode back had taken place in the 1940’s. This season is going to be a crazy ride as we dive into why in the hell is Claire back in her time and what the hell happened to Jaime. BTW love the new spin on the opening titles.
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