@TheExorcistFOX Ep 3 I’m Hooked! via @erinwise82 #PeaSoupFriday @jerslater @bendanielsss @ponchohd @hkasulka @Brianne_Howey

Now we’re getting deeper into the nitty gritty of the story. Finding things out, getting confused over other things….though I’m sure soon everything will makes sense. This show seems to give you mystery as well as creepy. And I’m still totally digging it. Continue reading “@TheExorcistFOX Ep 3 I’m Hooked! via @erinwise82 #PeaSoupFriday @jerslater @bendanielsss @ponchohd @hkasulka @Brianne_Howey”

@TheExorcistFOX Ep 4 Things Just Got Real! via @erinwise82 #PeaSoupFriday @jerslater @hkasulka @Brianne_Howey @bendanielsss @ponchohd

Things got really real on this week’s episode, like whoa. So much so, I cannot wait until next week’s episode and still have a week to wait…sigh… Continue reading “@TheExorcistFOX Ep 4 Things Just Got Real! via @erinwise82 #PeaSoupFriday @jerslater @hkasulka @Brianne_Howey @bendanielsss @ponchohd”

@TheExorcistFOX Ep 1 Was Awesome via @erinwise82 #PeaSoupFriday @jerslater @ponchohd @hkasulka @Brianne_Howey @bendanielsss

Geena Davis is on my screen again and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Especially because she’s on the new Fox show The Exorcist created by Jeremy Slater based on the film. I have to say I was a little nervous when it was announced they were turning this into a television series. After the first episode, my worries subsided. This creeptastic show is just what the “priest” ordered. Continue reading “@TheExorcistFOX Ep 1 Was Awesome via @erinwise82 #PeaSoupFriday @jerslater @ponchohd @hkasulka @Brianne_Howey @bendanielsss”