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Fox said “Hello, here’s our new show” and gave us something to be interested in. Let me tell you, I AM INTERESTED!

This episode Father Tomas being banned from an exorcism, prompted Father Marcus to “break” out of St. Aquinas, in an attempt to help the priest. We get to see some of Father Marcus’ past. As a young boy being toe to toe with a demon. I’d be peeing my pants in the face of that at such a young age, but hey church life is different….I guess.

Heading to the kitchen late night, Angela catches Casey speaking with a man’s voice. She recorded the evidence and brought it to Father Tomas’ attention. He suggested therapy, she took matters into her own hands…..holy water baby. (She must have found CW’s Supernatural little black book and asked for advice haha.) This is where she gets a brief lesson and introduction to Father Marcus…..The Father got a look at Casey….while creepy dude let’s Casey know He chose her, he questions her about it and Father Marcus steps in and gets more than he asked for receiving a vision of his younger self’s demon.

Psst…Father Marcus….someone’s keeping an eye on you……

Casey gets some…demonic…powers…..because that chick cracked a schoolmates leg, then played the ultimate game of Jenja that had everyone in shock and awe. So Mom, ready for that holy water yet? Well, ain’t that some crap, holy water didn’t do crap….maybe she’s not possessed…..yea….right. (Thanks all things supernatural, you have given me a false sense of security…the horror….what’d thunk it, holy water doesn’t work…) Casey’s demon is just that damn strong, though she did feel bad…and her little demon imaginary friend comforted her…..which her brain injured father saw! Though would anyone believe him?

Father Marcus with a crushed spirit from losing that young child, has trouble compelling a demon woman. As a matter of fact, she laughs him off. Demons are coming….the Pope is coming. To the person who made the billboards ” He is coming”, Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Epic! Seriously!

Also, props for having us follow a kid around for no reason other than to slaughter him and his family and taking certain organs for what I can assume with be some kind of bring forth demons thing….So we’re probably gonna see more of these creepy dark killer dudes in the van huh?

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And don’t for get to watch The Exorcist on Fox, Friday nights @9pm ET

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