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Geena Davis is on my screen again and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Especially because she’s on the new Fox show The Exorcist created by Jeremy Slater based on the film. I have to say I was a little nervous when it was announced they were turning this into a television series. After the first episode, my worries subsided. This creeptastic show is just what the “priest” ordered.

The show is set in Chicago….don’t you find that a bit curious, seeing how a lot of serial/mass murders have..yea well, we all know history right?. Let’s meet Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrara), (who looks like he should be on the cover of GQ), he works at St. Anthony’s, and apparently he keeps in contact with an old married “friend”. This concerns his sister and she makes that quite clear. A parishioner, Angela Rance (Geena Freaking Awesome Davis), asks the Father for counsel, as she is worried that her daughter Kat (Brianne Howey) is possessed. She kind of refuses to believe her daughter is just grieving due to the loss of a very close friend. Angela assures the Father, she is not crazy. He tries to explain demons aren’t real, (try telling that to CW’s Sam and Dean), that they’re like a metaphor, she assures him he’s wrong. He finally agrees to meet with Kat and BAM! Suicide by crow, face plant into the window.


Down in Mexico down, we got a priest on a mission, trying to save a little boy Gabriel from…..you guessed it a demon! But first Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) must have the Vatican’s ass chewing handing down to him by Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) for not even bothering to check in for a month. Father Bennett was appalled to see that Father Marcus had not cast the demon out and that the young boy was near dead. Father Marcus pulled a gun on him to prevent Father Bennett from taking the boy to the hospital. That devil is not going to be saved. Father Marcus let Father Bennett know with absolute certainty he would “without hesitation” use the gun on him. Exit Bennett…..continue with exorcism……Oh look, somehow Father Tomas is witnessing everything that’s taking place in that room as if he were there.


Father Tomas attends dinner at the Rance household….you know to really check Kat out. She assures him she’s not possessed, her mom is just freaking out for liking a friend’s Wiccan store on social media. Over dinner, Father Tomas tried to no avail to have a conversation with Angela’s husband, Henry (Alan Ruck), and is told he’s suffering from a brain injury. Kat’s smart ass comment that her father is basically a potato now, prompted Father Tomas to put her back in her place. Suddenly, Henry spoke telling the Father where to find St. Aquinas and Father Marcus. Henry then faded back to his regular self…..Bring on the creepy!

Tomas has another vision of the exorcism of Gabriel, showing him the demon bashing down the priest and snapping the little boy’s neck. Father Toms tracks down Father Marcus in St. Aquinas. He meets a blind Father Simon..briefly…his eyes are of the child’s….Father Tomas confesses to Marcus of his visions of the exorcism. Finally convinced Tomas is telling the truth, Marcus lets Tomas know he’s being manipulated by other forces…dun dun dun…they’re gonna love him….dun dun dun…

Later that evening, talking with Angela, Father Tomas confides he never heard God calling for him to become a priest, however, he believed God called him to help her….and as if the demon itself was listening, the pair hear a noise upstairs…Father Tomas heads up to the attic where he expects Kat to be at. Yet after being scared to death, he finds freaky girl eating a rat… and it’s not Kat, but none other than her precious little sister Casey (Hannah Kasulka). As soon as Angel made it up to the attic, Casey no longer looked like the demon child Father Tomas saw, nor did she act like a possessed demon child. She suggests they put out a few rat traps, knowing where one is, more are. As the Father steps outside to dispose of the rat corpse, creepy, oh so creepy tubular bells plays and Casey is smiling from her window…..

The first episode blew me away. Way beyond my expectations. I love it. I love the cast. I love the creepiness. It’s a great extension to the film. Truly it’s own story though.

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Watch The Exorcist on Fox Fridays at 9pm ET

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