#UnRealTV Espionage Preview via @stacyamiller85 @ConstanceZimmer @RadyMichael

UnReal is coming to the final episodes of the season. Will Coleman (Michael Rady) bring Quinn (Constance Zimmer) down? Or will Quinn show what it means to “quinning.”

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#UnRealTV Casualty Directed By @ShiriAppleby Recap via @stacyamiller85 @UnRealLifetime

When an actor decides to direct the television series in which they are starring, that particular actor’s scenes and story line is usually limited.  After all, they need to focus on the directing task at hand.  Not so for Shiri Appleby’s directorial debut on the UnReal episode “Casualty.”  Shiri delivered a powerful performance joined with stellar directing for a television union to remember.

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@UnRealLifetime Infiltration Recap via @stacyamiller85 @ConstanceZimmer #UnRealTV

The theme of the latest UnReal episode “Infiltration” could have easily been not losing yourself as several characters faced the issue of giving up a part of themselves due to current circumstances. The biggest one was Ruby (Denée Benton), who became someone she never thought she’d be after falling in the love with Darius (BJ Britt).

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