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The theme of the latest UnReal episode “Infiltration” could have easily been not losing yourself as several characters faced the issue of giving up a part of themselves due to current circumstances. The biggest one was Ruby (Denée Benton), who became someone she never thought she’d be after falling in the love with Darius (BJ Britt).

The episode opens with Rachel and Coleman (Shiri Appleby, Michael Rady) driving up to the Everlasting set.  They have obviously gotten closer.

Jeremy (Josh Kelly) doesn’t like the growing relationship between Rachel and Coleman and wastes no time in letting her know by accusing her of sleeping with the new show runner. Pot, meet kettle- Rachel reminds that Jeremy is sleeping with Hot Rachel (Monica Barbaro) and tells the girl that she could get thrown off the show for breaking the rules. Rachel finds a photograph of her that Jeremy has obviously been taking his frustrations out on with a little dart practice.


Meanwhile, Quinn (Constance Zimmer) is trying on outfits for the Image Awards. “I look like a 19-year-old Instagram reject.  I’m the boss,” she says not liking a particular gown. Chet (Craig Bierko) arrives.  He was released from jail because Jeremy posted his bail.  “He knows what side his bread is buttered on,” Quinn says snidely.  Chet tells Quinn that he wants to continue the conversation they were having at the time of his arrest. He wants to be with her. “You are the love of my life,” Chet insists. Fool me once, shame on me, fall me twice…I’m Quinn, ain’t gonna happened. It’s doubtful that Quinn will allow herself to totally fall for any of Chet’s lines a second time around.

Coleman tells Rachel that as showrunner of Everlasting, he’s scored tickets to the Image Awards and would like her to join him as his date.  When he says the holed photograph of Rachel that Jeremy has been using for dart practice/releasing his aggression, Coleman reminds that Jeremy can be fired for this but Rachel tells him to forget it.  But Coleman refuses to let Jeremy get off so easily.  He “suggests” a few position changes aka demotions.  Jeremy sarcastically says maybe he should quit. That’s just fine with Coleman.

Quinn’s not happy when Madison (Genevieve Buechner) tells her that she was unable to obtain tickets for her to this year’s Image Awards.  Rachel reminds that the tickets have gone to the showrunner, Coleman.  Poor Quinn will have to stay home this year. Yeah, right. What show have you been watching?

On this week’s Everlasting, Graham (Brendan Elliott) announces it will be America’s choice to see who wins the overnight date with Darius. Actually as ‘The First Lady of Everlasting’ America’s choice is really Quinn’s choice. And between a girl named Dominique (Elizabeth Whitmere) and Yael aka Hot Rachel, you know that Hot Rachel will be the winner.

But Darius makes his own decision and choses Ruby instead. Jay (Jeffrey Chapman Bowman) and Rachel are pleased by this development.

At the Impact Awards, Coleman and Rachel cozy up to the new network owner, John Booth (Ian Gruffold).  They offer up their ideas for Everlasting but Booth makes no secret that he prefers a legend handling the show. Did someone say Quinn?  If not, she arrives anyway looking like the award winner she is.  “I hope my trolls didn’t harass you, they don’t get out much,” Quinn tells John, who all but forgets Coleman and Rachel.  Booth is happy to see Quinn as he’s been an admirer of hers and Everlasting for years.


During the overnight date when Ruby sees the romantic setting, she says “No pressure here.” Darius tells her that they don’t have to ‘do anything.’ Then, he immediately turns down the camera Quinn set up. Of course, Darius doesn’t know Quinn- she had hidden cameras installed in the bedroom. Jay’s not happy about the cameras because he promised Ruby privacy. But Quinn manages to convince him that he’ll be making history.


Darius and Ruby get to know each other by having an open conversation about their goals and others expectations in them.  Their talk leads to a kiss which leads to full blown passion.

When Rachel speaks with Jay and he tells her about Ruby and Darius getting it on “It’s like The Notebook with black people,” he says, Rachel’s knows that Quinn is up to something especially after learning about the cameras.


Chet decides that Jeremy needs to regroup so he creates a makeshift sweat lodge to ‘cleanse’ both of them. Chet admits to kidnapping his son and messing things up with Quinn. He encourages Jeremy to come clean with his wrongdoings and then he’ll feel better about himself. Jeremy says that Rachel and his involvement with her is his downfall.


It turns out that Rachel’s suspicions about Quinn where correct. Dr. Carter (Carl Lumbly), Ruby’s father arrives and is shocked when he glimpse on the monitor his daughter having sex with Darius!

Jay calls Rachel, who arrives on the Everlasting set just in time to find Quinn and a camera crew, along with Dr. Carter, going to Darius’ to record the confrontational moment between father and daughter.  Quinn convince Rachel to give into who she is and continue recording the segment.

Ruby is shocked when her father bursts into the room.  The cameras record Dr. Carter telling his daughter that this is not her – she was Phi Beta Kappa at 16, now she’s in bed with some guy she barely knows and he is a ‘sell out’ to his people. Darius reminds Dr. Carter that he has a successful football career.

Quinn tries to encourage Rachel to get rid of Coleman because “he’s your Chet.”

Later, Ruby and Darius have a talk right before the elimination ceremony about what happened with her father.


During the elimination ceremony, each of the women take a candle that Darius will extinguish aka blow out if they are sent home.  One woman will be going home and to her chagrin, that woman is Dominique. But Darius then announces that he’s not done.  He walks over to Ruby and tells her to find someone she deems worthy of her as “It’s going to be too much work to disappoint you every day Ruby.” Both Ruby and Jay are sadden by this development.


Later that night, Jeremy confronts Rachel in her trailer, shoves her against the wall and then knocks her to the floor. Chet charges up and throws Jeremy out of the trailer. “That’s not the way a man acts,” Chet says, firing Jeremy.  Who would have thought that Chet would have turned out to be Rachel’s hero and rescuer.

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