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Adam Cromwell (Freddie Stroma) coming back to Everlasting (and for Rachel) set Rachel on a course of destruction that unfortunately had deadly consequences and caused her to finally seek help.

The episode begins with Coleman and Rachel (Michael Rady, Shiri Appleby) in bed basking in the happiness of togetherness. Madison (Genevieve Buechner) knocks on the door, interrupting their sexual bliss to tell Rachel she needs to come outside.

Rachel is shocked to see Adam.  How awkward must she be feeling to leave her new boyfriend’s bed to find her ex standing outside? Awkward isn’t the word.  She’s actually more annoyed that Adam would dare to show up. Adam tells her that he had a lot of time to think when he was in Africa and knows he made a huge mistake by leaving without her.  He really tries to convince Rachel to help him correct that mistake by running away with him now. Rachel refuses.


When Coleman questions her about Adam, Rachel brushes it off as a sort of Stockholm Syndrome sort of thing, he fell in love with his producer.

It seems that Adam’s return wasn’t all about his everlasting (pun intended) love for Rachel, apparently Quinn (Constance Zimmer) asked him to come so she could film his return for the show. He was the bachelor who didn’t get the bride, now he’ll have the opportunity to rectify some mistakes. She’s giving him a second chance. “With America?” Adam asks. “With whomever,” Quinn answers.

Coleman wants Quinn to give Adam the ole heave-ho but it’s a no go because both Quinn and John Booth (Ian Gruffold) want Adam to stay. Booth tells Coleman he likes the ideas that he and Rachel were talking about at the Impact Awards and wants to talk about them some more.  But with just Coleman, not Rachel.

Adam plays Dr. Phil meets The Bachelor in a segment that is filmed for Everlasting which finds him wearing a blink and you missed it bathing suit while he talks with the remaining contestants about Darius (BJ Britt) and how he knows what he’s feeling because he’s been there.  He tells the ladies how he had a chance at love with an incredible woman but ruined it.  Yeah, he’s talking about you Rachel and he’s looking at you via a camera lens. But Rachel continues to insist to Adam “I never loved you.”

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It’s back to work for Adam which includes helping Darius decide what dream date he’ll go on: A Bentley ride with Tiffany (Kim Matula), a pretend trip to Venice with Chantal (Meagan Tandy), Salsa dancing with Jamison (Karissa Tynes) and an evening a passion (of course) with Yael (Monica Barbaro). Although Darius wants the Tiffany date, he decides to go on the pretend Venice trip with Chantal. Unfortunately, the romantic “trip” is anything but when Chantal decides to release her dead fiancé’s ashes and the wind blows them into Darius’ mouth!

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Fed up with Everlasting, Darius decides that he and Romeo (Gentry White) should go on the fun date he wanted to all along- the Bentley ride and invites Tiffany and Yael.  When Madison tells Rachel that Darius took the car, she decides to get a unique segment for Everlasting by calling the police and reporting the car stolen so it can be filmed. Coleman doesn’t think that’s a good idea: two black guys in a Bentley in Los Angeles.

Darius, Romeo, Tiffany and Yael are cruising in the Bentley when they hearing a blaring police siren.  Darius doesn’t think it’s a problem and pulls over.  He tells the cop that he’s Darius Beck but unfortunately, Everlasting took away his identification so he has no way to prove it. A tipsy Tiffany and Yael explain that they are on the show too and he may end up marrying one of them.


Meanwhile, Rachel and Quinn hide in nearby shrubbery with a camera crew to film the scene which begins to get out of hand as the police order Darius out of the car. Rachel realizes that she needs to stop this, so she comes out and tries to explain that she was the one who reported the car stolen and they are filming for a television show.  However, one of the jittery cops starts shooting and in the melee, Romeo is shot!

Quinn and John Booth are enjoying their time together when Quinn receives a frantic call from Gary at the network telling her what happened.

Madison feels guilty and tells Jay (Jeffrey Chapman Bowman) that she was the one who told Rachel that Darius took the Bentley.  Jay can’t believe that Rachel stooped so low as to call the police just so she could film the altercation.  Now, Romeo’s life hangs in the balance.

Quinn later tells Coleman that Gary had officially made her the show runner again.  Rachel calls her mother who checks her into a psychiatrist hospital so she can get better.

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